10 DC Casting Choices That Saved Their Movies From Being Completely Forgettable

  • DC has an uneven history when it comes to casting its superheroes and villains in movies
  • But even in otherwise forgettable DC movies, some actors shine
  • The likes of Jim Carrey, Margot Robbie, and Halle Berry have put in performances better than the films they starred in
Throughout the DC Universe’s history of film adaptations, there have been several instances of excellent casting choices that were perhaps the only good decisions in otherwise poor films. Given the cultural impact and visually spectacular nature of the genre, it is no surprise that DC’s various properties lend themselves well to film, with theatrical movies and film serials bringing the comic source material to the realm of live-action for decades. While many of DC’s films have had a winning combination of compelling storytelling and actors, others may only be remembered for the latter.
The superhero genre was a risky curiosity for decades before films like 1978’s Superman and 1989’s Batman proved that the genre has far-reaching appeal and the potential to be an A-list movie category. Once superhero films became a dominant force in pop culture, DC saw massive successes in films like 2017’s Wonder Woman and 2018’s Aquaman, with both films succeeding thanks to flawless casting, as well as storylines and character journeys that resonated with viewers. Unfortunately, some DC film adaptations over the decades are considered, divisive, forgettable, or simply bad films, save for one memorable casting decision.


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