Marvel Just Confirmed X-Men "97"s Official Gambit Replacement

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for X-Men '97 episode 6, "Lifedeath- Part 2"
  • Gambit has officially been replaced in X-Men '97 by Nightcrawler after his sacrificial death in episode 5.
  • Beyond the reveal that Professor Xavier is alive and Storm regaining her powers, Nightcrawler is teased to officially join the X-Men.
  • Nightcrawler is a good replacement for Gambit due to his similar personality, dynamic powers, and hopefully his ability to help the team move forward from Genosha with his enduring faith.
Marvel's new X-Men '97 show has confirmed that Gambit has officially been replaced. As seen during the tragic Fall of Genosha in X-Men '97 episode 5, Remy LeBeau's Gambit died sacrificing himself to destroy the massive Wild Sentinel that absolutely obliterated the mutant island nation and countless of its inhabitants. To that end, it seems as though a new mutant will be joining the X-Men's ranks in the aftermath.
As seen in the new X-Men '97 episode 6, Professor Charles Xavier is revealed to be alive and well, albeit in the far reaches of space with Empress Lilandra of the Shi'ar. Likewise, the episode also sees Storm struggling to regain her powers that were taken from her in X-Men '97 episode 2. However, an exciting new tease occurs right at the beginning of this new episode with the opening X-Men '97 credits teasing that none other than Kurt Wagner's Nightcrawler will replace Gambit on the X-Men's roster going forward.
Related All 15 Marvel Easter Eggs & References In X-Men '97 Episode 6 X-Men '97 features a major character return along with a collection of great references and exciting Easter eggs for the new animated Marvel series. Nightcrawler's Appearance In The X-Men '97 Credits Explained Replacing Gambit With A New Name Card Close Tragically, the opening credits have been changed as seen in X-Men "97 episode 6. Not only are their new scenes depicting moments from the original series, but the name cards for both Magneto and Gambit have been brutally omitted due to their presumed deaths. While there is still a possibility that Magneto survived, Gambit body's was shown last the very end of X-Men '97 episode 5, a tragic and solid confirmation that he indeed gave his life to save Genosha's survivors from the Wild Sentinel.
In any event, there is an exciting addition to the opening credits name cards with Nightcrawler. Having only had guest appearances in the original X-Men series, it seems as though Kurt Wagner will become an official member of the X-Men in the episodes to come. This does make sense seeing as how he was helping Genosha's leadership with the nation's various faith communities. Now that Genosha is in ruins, it stands to reason that Nightcrawler will want to join the remaining X-Men who in the fight for mutantkind.
Will Nightcrawler Officially Join The X-Men? Storm's New Costume Is A Big Hint Close Teleporting in and taking a perch on his own name, Nightcrawler is also seen wielding his twin swords from the original comics which he's yet to use in the animated universe. It's an exciting tease that X-Men '97 has big things in store for Kurt Wagner. Likewise, Storm regaining her powers as an omega-level mutant is also a big clue for Nightcrawler's official recruitment into the X-Men.
Storm receiving her classic black costume following the return of her powers is rather notable, especially when combined with the opening credits' tease that Nightcrawler is getting an official X-Man status. Together, they both point to the animated series taking cues from 1975's Giant-Size X-Men #1. After all, this was the issue in which Storm first wore her black costume as well as when Nightcrawler joined the team. With any luck, perhaps this is also a tease that Colossus will become an official member as well (having been in the same boat as Kurt with only a few guest appearances in the OG series).
Why Nightcrawler Is A Good Replacement For Gambit Kurt Can Help The X-Men Move Forward In light of Gambit's apparent passing on Genosha, Nightcrawler truly is a perfect replacement for the mutant card-throwing cajun. Not only do Kurt and Remy have similar light-hearted personalities, but they also have incredibly dynamic powers that can be used in synch with other members of the X-Men. Just as Gambit was able to combine his power with Wolverine's in X-Men 97's premiere, there are so many possibilities for Kurt Wagner to be just as dynamic of a teammate thanks to his teleportation abilities.
Likewise, it stands to reason that the entire X-Men roster will be in a period of grief following the massacre at Genosha. As such, Nightcrawler and his enduring faith will likely become a great resource for the team, helping them mourn and move forward to continue protecting mutantkind and encouraging coexistence with humanity (even if that idea seems further away than ever before). At any rate, seeing Nightcrawler finally becoming an official X-Man in X-Men '97 should prove to be very exciting as the series continues.
New episodes of X-Men '97 release Wednesdays on Disney+.
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