Superman"s Weirdest Set Photo Sets Up A Truly Great Surprise Hero Reveal In Green Lantern DCU Theory

  • Superman movie theory hints at a second Green Lantern.
  • James Gunn's experience with CGI animals could lead to a compelling live-action debut for Ch'p.
  • The DCU's inclusion of multiple Green Lanterns could establish a trend and give the Green Lantern Corps a prominent role in the shared universe.
A new Superman movie theory based on the film's weirdest set photo could lead to the surprise reveal of a second Green Lantern. James Gunn's Superman reboot is the first movie in the new DC Universe, with the animated Creature Commandos series, which Gunn also directed and wrote, starting the franchise later this year. While David Corenswet's Superman is the main star of the film, something Gunn has reiterated multiple times due to fans' worries, the film will also see the DCU debut of multiple heroes and villains/anti-heroes.
Superman's expansive cast includes Nathan Fillion as the Guy Gardner version of Green Lantern. Following the first Superman set photos, a theory that has become quite popular. Green Lantern, Mister Terrific, and Hawkgirl all sport the logo of Maxwell Lord's LordTech in their superhero suits. That could be setting up the DCU's Justice League International, as the team was managed by Lord, who will be played by Sean Gunn in the DCU, in the comics. Guy Gardner's intriguing Superman story could get another chapter, as a new theory claims the movie could feature a second Green Lantern.


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