Captain America 4 Confirms Bucky"s Real MCU Replacement In Dark New Twist

  • Captain America: Brave New World promises to explore the stories of new and canonical characters, including Isaiah Bradley, in the MCU.
  • The absence of Bucky Barnes allows Sam Wilson to shine as he takes up the mantle of Captain America and reassembles the Avengers.
  • Isaiah Bradley's tragic backstory and potential transformation into a formidable threat adds depth and complexity to the upcoming Captain America movie.
A lot of expectations are riding on the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe venture Captain America: Brave New World, for the 2025 release won't only feature Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson taking the Captain America mantle but also offer more background on canonical characters introduced in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. These include the new Falcon Joaquín Torres and ex-Super Soldier Program recruit Isaiah Bradley. What makes Captain America: Brave New World one of the most anticipated upcoming MCU releases is also the presence of returning The Incredible Hulk characters, such as Liv Tyler’s Betty and Tim Blake Nelson’s The Leader.
Recent footage from CinemaCon also revealed Harisson Ford’s General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross (previously played by William Hurt) interacting with Mackie’s Captain America in the White House. It’s Wilson’s responsibility now to reassemble the Avengers, filling in Steve Roger’s big shoes. However, the Captain America: Brave New World character ensemble would not feature Captain America regular Bucky Barnes. Bucky’s absence still doesn’t take the plot’s focus away from state- programs like the Winter Soldier (which turned Bucky rogue for some time). The MCU timeline already has another Captain America; it might just have had another Winter Soldier hiding in plain sight.
Related Captain America 4: News, Updates, & Everything We Know About Brave New World Captain America: Brave New World sees Sam Wilson step up and take the shield in a solo movie for the first time - here's all the Cap 4 news so far. Marvel Confirms Isaiah Bradley Is The Winter Soldier's Replacement The CinemaCon footage not only features General Ross and Sam Wilson but also offers a glimpse at Isaiah Bradley. The Falcon and The Winter Soldier introduced Bradley as a Korean War veteran who was detained and secretly experimented upon by HYDRA and the US government for three decades. In the footage, the aging veteran is now shown to be attacking Ross after getting triggered by a song. The resulting altercation has Ross also fighting back (perhaps foreshadowing his transformation into Red Hulk). The baffled General remarks, “The inner circle has been compromised,” signaling the possibility that Bradley has gone rogue.
Related Why I'm Glad Bucky Barnes Isn't In Captain America 4 Sam Wilson actor Anthony Mackie confirmed Sebastian Stan's Bucky Barnes won't be in Captain America: Brave New World, which is a good thing. Bradley’s turn comes as a surprise as he was last seen to be of calm demeanor in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But considering he was experimented upon for thirty years, it’s possible that specific triggers can awaken his violent past. The same mannerisms were displayed by Bucky in Captain America: Civil War when Baron Zemo “activated” the Winter Soldier with specific command words. As one of MCU’s Super Soldiers, a younger Bradley was perhaps subjected to similar experiments as the then-brainwashed Bucky. Captain America: Brave New World is bound to offer more context on Bradley’s ominous past.
Captain America 4 Makes Isaiah Bradley's Origin Story Even Darker Close Be it in the comics or the MCU, Isaiah Bradley always had a tragic backstory. While Steve Rogers became Captain America after taking the Super Soldier Serum, Bradley was betrayed by his own country. At a time when Bucky was brainwashed to be an assassin, it was Bradley who fought Bucky and rescued other Super Soldiers held prisoner. Instead of being rewarded for his exemplary service, Bradley was forcibly captured by HYDRA and the American government, and his existence was kept secret for thirty years. So mysterious were the circumstances of his capture that even Steve Rogers had no clue.
Isaiah Bradley actor Carl Lumbly is a superhero genre veteran having played TV's first black superhero in M.A.N.T.I.S. He also voiced Martian Manhunter in several DC animated shows like Justice League and portrayed the character's father in Supergirl.
With Bradley turning violent in Captain America: Brave New World, it’s possible that the movie will reveal how he also went through Winter Soldier-like conditioning and torture during the time he went missing. Despite his age, Bradley’s fighting prowess in his rogue state would still make him a formidable threat (considering he had been a Super Soldier all this time). And if his “awakened” stage matches that of Bucky, then it’s also possible that he lacks any empathy while fighting. Such circumstances make Bradley’s descent into rage all the more heartbreaking, as his violent actions are most likely unintentional.
Captain America: Brave New World
Director Julius Onah Release Date February 14, 2025 Writers Dalan Musson , Malcolm Spellman Cast Anthony Mackie


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