X-Men "97 Just Made Gambit & Magneto"s Deaths Worse

Warning: This article contains spoilers for X-Men '97 episodes 5 and 6.
  • Gambit and Magneto's absence in X-Men '97's opening credits solidifies their tragic fate.
  • X-Men '97 subverts the MCU's tradition of acknowledging or resolving previous episodes' cliffhangers as soon as the next episode is released.
  • Gambit and Magneto's absence in X-Men '97's opening credits allows the audience to feel their loss, similar to how the X-Men must feel about their colleagues' deaths.
Right from the start, X-Men '97 episode 6 adds salt to the wound when it comes to Gambit and Magneto's tragic deaths in the animated Marvel series. X-Men '97 episode 5's tragic ending resulted in the deaths of countless mutants, including Gambit and Magneto, who have become mutantkind's martyrs after an army of Sentinels sabotages human-mutant relations with a brutal attack on Genosha. Considering how the Sentinels managed to catch all mutants with their guard down, it seems as though the Genosha tragedy's victims in X-Men '97 episode 5 are irrevocably dead.
Instead of raising hopes for a potential resurrection, X-Men '97 confirms that two of its mutant protagonists are dead. X-Men '97 episode 6 centers its plot around Storm and Forge in a direct continuation to X-Men '97 episode 4 "Lifedeath - Part 1", which also features the return of Professor X alongside Lilandra and the Shi'ar Empire. X-Men '97 episode 6 "Lifedeath - Part 2" ends with Professor X departing from the Shi'ar to reconnect with the X-Men after receiving a vision of the tragedy that took place in Genosha, complete with a quick image of Gambit.
X-Men '97's Opening Credits Change Explained X-Men '97 Episode 6's Opening Credits Seemingly Confirm Gambit And Magneto Are Gone For Good Close Since episode 2, X-Men '97's opening credits have changed every time depending on the outcome and cast of previous episodes. For instance, Jean Grey wears her hair down in the opening credits of X-Men '97 episodes 1 and 2, but she then wears it in a ponytail from episode 3 onward, showcasing how the Jean Grey in the first two episodes' opening credits was actually Madelyne Pryor. Likewise, X-Men 97 episode 6 removes Gambit and Magneto altogether, calling attention to their seemingly definitive deaths during X-Men '97 episode 5's tragic attack on Genosha.
Related All 13 Marvel Easter Eggs & References In X-Men '97 Episode 6 X-Men '97 features a major character return along with a collection of great references and exciting Easter eggs for the new animated Marvel series. X-Men '97 Cleverly Bucks The Worst MCU Trend X-Men '97 Episode 6 Lets Episode 5's Cliffhanger Linger In The Audience's Mind For Another Week X-Men '97 is an innovative Marvel show in more ways than one, but episode 6 stands out due to its refusal to continue the Genosha plotline immediately after it happened. Usually, major plot twists and cliffhangers in MCU Disney+ shows are resumed, if not resolved, the very next episode after they're set up. For instance, Loki's variants in the Void star in Loki season 1 episode 5 right after episode 4's ending sends Loki to the Void, and Evan Peters' fake Quicksilver joins Wanda's family in WandaVision episode 6 right after episode 5 sets up his mysterious return.
X-Men '97 episode 6's ending, in turn, sets up Mister Sinister's role as the show's main antagonist.
By ignoring the fallout of Genosha's attack and leaving out Gambit and Magneto from the opening intro, X-Men '97 is letting episode 5's tragedy settle on the audience's mind and confirming that its consequences are rather definitive. Gambit and Magneto are dead. There may not be any way to bring them back. Therefore, they're not only absent in the X-Men's new adventures following the Genosha tragedy, but they're also absent from the only place where viewers expect them to be. This is an effective way to represent what the X-Men must feel when mourning their fallen friends.
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