Avengers 6 Theory For Iron Man"s Shocking Return Would Satisfy Robert Downey Jr"s One Condition

  • Robert Downey Jr. returns to the MCU as Tony Stark's Iron Man in a new Avengers: Secret Wars theory.
  • Robert Downey Jr.'s return to the MCU could see Tony Stark reunite with Tom Holland's Peter Parker.
  • Robert Downey Jr.'s one condition for returning to the MCU means he may reappear as a more villainous variant of Iron Man.
Robert Downey Jr.'s potential return as Tony Stark's Iron Man in Avengers: Secret Wars would still stick to his one condition for reprising the role, according to a new MCU theory. Robert Downey Jr. debuted as Tony Stark in 2008's Iron Man, kicking off the MCU with a bang, and setting himself up as the face of the franchise for the following decade. Iron Man sacrificed his life in 2019's Avengers: Endgame, using the six Infinity Stones to eliminate Thanos and his army, and save the universe, but this might not be the end of Robert Downey Jr.'s MCU career.
Since Robert Downey Jr.'s departure from the MCU, the actor has gone on to achieve huge success, even earning an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role in 2023's Oppenheimer. While Downey Jr. continues to embrace new characters, there have been calls for him to return to the MCU, though there's been no official confirmation from Marvel Studios. Previous rumors hinted at an Avengers movie with the original line-up of the titular team being developed, which would have included Downey Jr., but a new theory hints at a more convincing way Iron Man can return to the MCU.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Related Kevin Feige Is Right, Robert Downey Jr's MCU Return Would Ruin Endgame Recent rumors have suggested the MCU's original Avengers may return, but Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has rightfully put this speculation to rest. Iron Man & Spider-Man May Reunite During Avengers: Secret Wars, With A Twist Close One MCU theory suggests that Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark could return in Avengers: Secret Wars to reunite with Tom Holland's Peter Parker, a.k.a. Spider-Man (via Comicbookmovie.com). After Stark recruited Parker for his team in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, the original Avenger became a mentor to the young superhero, with the pair building a very strong connection which made their concurrent deaths in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame even more emotional. While the theory poses that Tony Stark and Peter Parker could reunite in Avengers: Secret Wars, however, this reunion might not be as heartfelt as may be expected.
Related All 10 Characters Carrying On Iron Man's MCU Legacy After His Death Marvel has put replacement heroes in focus in the MCU Phases 4 and 5, but one original Avenger has several characters who can continue his legacy. Instead, the theory suggests that Robert Downey Jr. could in fact portray a variant of Tony Stark's Iron Man, perhaps the version of the armored Avenger from Earth-838. This Iron Man variant may be traveling to Earth-616 to seek vengeance on the Scarlet Witch following the Illuminati massacre in 2022's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and may not even know who Peter Parker is. This could perhaps lead to a battle between Iron Man and Spider-Man in Avengers: Secret Wars, rather than a loving reunion, putting a villainous twist on Robert Downey Jr.'s valiant return to the MCU.
Iron Man's Unique Secret Wars Cameo Would Meet RDJ's MCU Return Condition During a 2020 interview on The Joe Rogan Experience, shortly after his departure from the MCU, Robert Downey Jr. revealed the one condition that would convince him to return as Tony Stark's Iron Man. He noted that there would need to be a "super compelling argument" for him to return, as well as a "series of events that made it obvious." This new MCU theory fits the bill perfectly, with the Scarlet Witch's actions on Earth-838 already kick-starting the "series of events." A potential incursion between Earth-616 and Earth-838 in Avengers: Secret Wars could mark the returns of several variants.
There would have to be a super compelling argument and a series of events that made it obvious. But the other thing is, I wanna do other stuff.
Robert Downey Jr. and Tom Holland build a strong bond as Tony Stark and Peter Parker in the MCU's Phase 3, so it's possible this could contribute to the "compelling argument" that the former is after for his potential return. After the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Peter Parker is alone, so Stark's return could provide him with some relief, though this could soon turn sour. Watching Iron Man and Spider-Man battle each other in Avengers: Secret Wars would be an incredibly powerful moment, but could perhaps prove to Spider-Man that he is strong enough to go it alone.
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