Super Slick Marvel Movie Edit Makes Me Appreciate The Action In The MCU Even More

  • Marvel's action scenes are often underrated, but they're essential to character-driven stories.
  • MCU action sequences are well-crafted and add tension and drama to the films.
  • Fan edits, like Gugga's video, help bring attention to the impressive action in MCU movies.
A talented Marvel fan on YouTube has created a spectacular sizzle reel of some of the best action scenes in the MCU, and it perfectly captures how the MCU uses action. Marvel clearly has a solid reputation when it comes to producing big box office hits, but despite the stories being adapted from the world of action-packed comic books, the action is rarely the thing that stands out. Instead, Marvel Studios has done an incredible job with the MCU, adapting comic book characters with emotion and well-defined personalities that make them stand out, and their stories compelling.
However, the action in these movies is certainly nothing to be snuffed at. Despite the action scenes occupying a much smaller portion of the movies than other action pictures, and even other superhero stories, they are essential to the stories. YouTuber Gugga Leunnam highlights this in an action-packed 2 minute and 40 second edit that brings many of these moments together in an extremely appealing and smooth way.
Why The Action In MCU Movies Is So Underrated Marvel Knows How To Use Action Scenes To Their Full Potential Close The reality is that the MCU prioritizes character-driven stories over gratuitous action. Rather than adapt some of the coolest comic book fights in Marvel Comics, they have perfected the craft of taking these fictional characters off the page and turning them into real characters that exist in a world not too dissimilar from reality. Characters like Tony Stark's Iron Man, and Steve Rogers' Captain America have so much depth and lives that extend beyond their day-to-day heroics.
But that doesn't mean Marvel Studios doesn't also excel at recreating solid action sequences. For example, when Cap and Iron Man find themselves on opposite sides of the Sokovia Accords in Captain America: Civil War, the movie delivered one of the most thrilling battles in comics history, with scenes that felt like they were transplanted directly from the page. And in Avengers: Endgame, the battle where all the heroes fight Thanos and his army occupies more than 20 minutes of the movie's runtime from Thanos arriving until Tony's final sacrifice.
The reality is that the MCU prioritizes character-driven stories over gratuitous action.
The situation is the same across most of the MCU movies, with solid action sequences that add to the story in meaningful ways, but they are rarely mentioned as central to the films, or even highlighted for their precision, tension, and drama. However, as Gugga's video reveals, these action scenes are nothing short of spectacular. While the MCU has a lot of moments worth celebrating and praising, the action deserves more recognition and attention than it gets, and thankfully, fan edits like this go a little bit of the way toward that end.
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