DCU"s New Superman Set Photo Reveals Make Me Even More Glad About The Movie"s Big Filming Secret

  • Superman set photos reveal details about the movie, highlighting the challenges of keeping secrets in public filming locations.
  • Filming in remote areas like the Adventdalen valley in Svalbard helps maintain secrecy for key plot elements.
  • James Gunn's awareness of the flow of information regarding set photos suggests a proactive approach to handling secrecy for the DCU franchise.
The DCU's Superman set photos and the many reveals that have come from them make me seriously glad the movie's filming ensures it can keep at least one big secret. While the first movie in the DC Universe's Chapter 1 is still a year away from releasing, the filming taking place in Cleveland has seen a slew of set photos come out regarding the upcoming DC release.
Though fascinating, these photos have unveiled details about the Superman movie that otherwise would have been almost impossible to know. Similarly, audiences have already started to weigh in on how promising or concerning these small previews make the story, despite judging a movie by pre-CG snapshots being a difficult if not often impossible affair. As such, I'm relieved to know that we have at least one part of Superman that can remain a major secret due to the nature of its filming.
Superman's DCU Set Photo Reveals Make The Movie's Norway Filming Secret A Massive Relief Superman's Filming Locations Mean 1 Major Reveal Can't Come Early Close While the DCU Superman set photo reveals have made me increasingly excited for the upcoming movie, they also underline just how hard it is to keep secrets from the public when filming publically. This isn't fresh news when it comes to the superhero genre, as major details about impending releases have long accidentally aired due to external investigation - with Deadpool & Wolverine similarly having much revealed about its huge cameo selection via third parties. However, it's clear the intrigue for Superman is especially pressing due to it setting up a whole new cinematic world, making it heavily scrutinized.
As such, the array of set releases makes me especially glad that the decision was made for a portion of the DCU movie to be filmed in a seemingly remote section of the Adventdalen valley in Svalbard, Norway. This appears to be where a key and core element of the story is set to take place - namely, the reveal of the Fortress Of Solitude, which is sure to contain moments regarding not only the history of the Kryptonians but also touch on Superman's own past.
With this in mind, it's a blessing that the nature of filming here makes set photos regarding this aspect of the plot almost impossible. Though the DCU Fortress of Solitude is certainly an understandable topic of fascination for myself and many others, it's also one that wouldn't be done full justice in a set photo that could reveal aspects of the location and Superman's story within it before it's fully touched up for the final release.
Superman's DCU Set Photos Prove How Hard It Can Be For Superhero Movies To Keep Story Secrets Superman's Set Photo Reveals Prove Filming In Norway Has Definite Secrecy Benefits Superman set photos were arguably an inevitable part of the DCU movie's production process. Indeed, James Gunn's own social media updates have also provided plenty of official shots too - but the way other images have revealed details about the film underlines how tricky it is for superhero movies to keep secrets in an era where this kind of coverage is so commonplace, explaining why decisions like filming in remote areas in Norway may often be a wise decision.
Thus far, among others, Nicholas Hoult's Lex Luthor look has been revealed, as has Corenswet's Superman and Clark Kent looks, and a notable story element has gotten a preview via the Man Of Steel seemingly being arrested via Rick Flag Sr. and a mysterious black-suited figure. While it seems there were expectations that these elements would become public knowledge, the tapestry of information that has become available makes it clearer to me than ever that secrecy is a true challenge for these kinds of releases.
James Gunn's Superman Set Photo Reaction Promises Hopeful Things For The DCU's Privacy & Future The DCU Co-CEO's Comments On Superman's Set Photo Reveals Suggest The Franchise Will Handle Things Well While a considerable amount of information has been revealed about DCU's Superman, it's also worth noting that the movie's director and DC Universe co-CEO James Gunn has actively confirmed he expected this to be the case. This is in line with the official DCU news releases in the past weeks, which made sure to confirm almost every named character that is a part of the Cleveland set photos.
Altogether, this suggests an understanding regarding set photos and videos - and the flow of information that tends to follow - that bodes well for the overall franchise, both in preemptively understanding what can be revealed to the public, and in terms of keeping an awareness that anything filmed outside of private sets has a high chance of being captured by someone. While not every scene in Superman can be filmed in remote locations, keeping an awareness of the nature of early reveals is still sure to benefit the movie and the DCU in the long run.


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