DC"s New Batman TV Show Has Two Villains I"d Love To See In Robert Pattinson"s The Batman Trilogy

  • Batman: Caped Crusader animated series features new and classic villains, including a younger Hugo Strange and possibly Clayface.
  • The series is set in the 1940s, aligning with DC's Golden Age of comics while also featuring twists like the introduction of a new Harley Quinn.
  • Hugo Strange and Clayface could also be perfect additions to Matt Reeves' The Batman trilogy, offering a mix of both grounded and fantastical villains.
Amazon's upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader animated series is set to feature two villains I'd really love to see in Matt Reeves' The Batman trilogy starring Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight. With spin-off series like The Penguin and two more chapters still on the way, there's so much room for Reeves' Gotham City to expand and be fleshed out. This includes additions to The Batman franchise's current roster of villains, and I'm hoping they take a page out of Caped Crusader's book.
Coming from Batman: The Animated Series creator Bruce Timm with both Matt Reeves and J.J. Abrams producing, Caped Crusader intends to introduce a Batman during the 1940s, aligning The Dark Knight and his world closer to DC's Golden Age of comics. Batman: Caped Crusader's new trailer also promises plenty of exciting twists and turns, particularly with its villain roster such as an all-new Harley Quinn with new origins and a 1940s version of Onomatopoeia. However, I'm most excited by two foes in particular whom Reeves should also look to use in his live-action The Batman trilogy.


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