Christian Bale"s Batman Gets A Dramatic The Dark Knight 4 Return In DC Movie Concept Trailer

  • Christian Bale returnning as Batman in The Dark Knight 4 is still a hotly discussed concept, leading to a concept trailer exploring what this could look like.
  • While not officially in the works, DC Studios and Warner Bros. could bring back Nolan's Dark Knight universe under the Elseworlds brand.
  • The key to making The Dark Knight 4 a reality lies in getting both Bale and Nolan on board, though it remains uncertain if it will happen.
A DC concept trailer for The Dark Knight 4 pitches the perfect idea for Christian Bale's return as Batman in Christopher Nolan's universe. While the superhero and comic book movie genre has evolved over the last few years, there was a time when Hollywood was far more limited with how much they invested into DC and Marvel stories. From the mid 2000s up until 2012, Nolan's The Dark Knight trilogy was one of the handful of superhero properties that was released for the big screen.
It has been more than a decade since The Dark Knight Rises came out and finished Bale's Bruce Wayne storyline. However, there are many that would love to see that universe continue, as evidenced by Screen Culture sharing a concept trailer for The Dark Knight 4.
In this scenario, The Dark Knight 4 is pitched as a new take on Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns, as Bruce resumes his crusade as Batman, this time against Black Mask. The version of Roman Sionis that is used in the fan trailer is based on Ewan McGregor's iteration from the DCEU movie timeline.


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