Peacemaker Season 2 Casts A Batman Ally & Mystery Character

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  • Exciting news for Peacemaker fans as two new actors join the cast for season 2.
  • Sol Rodriguez will play DC's Sasha Bordeaux, with David Denman in a mysterious role.
  • Filming for the Max series is in progress, promising fresh faces and new storylines.
Get ready to meet some new faces in Peacemaker season 2 as two new actors join James Gunn's DC Universe TV show. While the DCEU movie timeline has finished its run, one surviving property is making its way into Gunn's DC Universe, which is Peacemaker season 2. Even though it has yet to clarify how it will tie in, the show will address the move to a new franchise.
With filming on Peacemaker season 2 currently underway, THR has revealed two new cast members joining the Max series. Coming on board as main players are Sol Rodriguez as DC's Sasha Bordeaux and David Denman in a secret role. It is currently unknown when they will respectively show up in Peacemaker season 2.


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