Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman Comment On Whether They"ll Appear In Avengers Movies After Deadpool & Wolverine

  • Ryan Reynolds & Hugh Jackman are asked about appearing in Avengers movies.
  • Both actors remain coy about their potential involvement in Avengers films.
  • The two actors are rumored to appear in at least Avengers: Secret Wars.
Deadpool & Wolverine stars Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman talk about potentially showing up in Avengers movies.
Speaking to Variety, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman played coy about whether they will appear in an Avengers film after Deadpool & Wolverine. Check out the full exchange below:
INTERVIEWER: Now that Deadpool and Wolverine joined the MCU, will either of you appear in “Avengers” movies?
REYNOLDS: I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll see. Yeah.  
LEVY: Now is where you go to the descriptive part of the article and say, “They were shuffling in their seats.”   
JACKMAN: Clearly, this is our first major interview of this press tour. I’m not sure how to answer.  
LEVY: We’re going to get a far more packed and evasive answer for all future interviews.  
REYNOLDS: “An echoing cough in the distance; a hawk circles.” You can throw that in there if you like.  
Source: Variety


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