Deadpool & Wolverine Still Won"t Be Able To Top Marvel"s Greatest F-Bomb

  • While Deadpool & Wolverine will be MCU's first R-rated film, it will struggle to top the greatest Marvel movie F-bomb, which was in X-Men: First Class.
  • While X-Men: First Class was a PG-13 movie, it's decision to have Wolverine drop an F-bomb on Magneto & Professor X upon first meeting them is perfect.
  • The first MCU F-bomb has also already happened, having been delivered by Star Lord in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 3.
Deadpool & Wolverine is the MCU's first exciting dive into R-rated movie content, but the release still can't beat the greatest F-bomb in Marvel's film history. While PG-13 superhero movies are more common now, R-rated films have existed within the genre for a while. 1998's Blade was the first Marvel R-rated film, and the X-Men films explored what they could do with the rating, via movies like Deadpool, Deadpool 2, and Logan. Many of these films are considered the best within the Marvel movie roster, but it's not just because they include crude jokes, nudity, and gore.
Crude jokes and gore have also been a part of the PG-13 films, even if they can't be as graphic. The X-Men movies have often included F-bombs, since films can use one and still keep their PG-13 rating. 2011's X-Men: First Class included a notable F-bomb from Wolverine, and it's doubtful that the Deadpool & Wolverine movie can top it, even with its leads being the master of effectively utilized on-screen cursing.
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Director Matthew Vaughn Release Date June 3, 2011 Cast Jennifer Lawrence , Caleb Landry Jones , Michael Fassbender , Nicholas Hoult , Oliver Platt , Rose Byrne , Michael Ironside , Jason Flemyng , January Jones , Kevin Bacon , Glenn Morshower , James McAvoy , Lucas Till , Edi Gathegi , Zoe Kravitz Runtime 131 minutes In X-Men: First Class, Magneto and Professor X team up to recruit other mutants to join their Division X program. Some of the mutants they encounter include Angel, Darwin, Havok, and Banshee. Another person the pair visits is Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, who is smoking a cigar and drinking at a bar. Before they can even explain who they are, Wolverine says, "Go f*** yourself", and the pair leave without saying anything else.
This moment is perfect because it delivers on an unexpected cameo, and perfectly fits Logan's character. Since this is before Logan joined the X-Men, he is very isolated and wants nothing to do with any possible team or mission. Still, the comedic timing is on point, as Charles and Erik barely get their names out before Wolverine abruptly dismisses them. This cameo is also more important than it seems, as it gets a callback in X-Men: Days of Future Past when James McAvoy's Professor X throws the line back in Wolverine's face, causing him to regret this previous moment.
Deadpool & Wolverine Is Set Up For Many F-Bomb's, But They Won't Be The MCU's First Close Deadpool & Wolverine R
Director Shawn Levy Release Date July 26, 2024 Cast Ryan Reynolds , Hugh Jackman , Morena Baccarin , Brianna Hildebrand , Jennifer Garner Deadpool & Wolverine will be the first R-rated film in the MCU timeline, but it won't be the first to drop an F-bomb. The MCU has teased the word for a while, cutting off the word before characters like Spider-Man or Nick Fury could finish it. However, they finally let it fly in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, delivered perfectly by Chris Pratt's Star-Lord. The moment came when Star-Lord became increasingly frustrated with Nebula's struggle to open a car door, leading him to finally exclaim, "Open the f***ing door."
It shouldn't be a surprise that the first F-bomb came in a James Gunn film, the same director responsible for other more adult-oriented superhero releases like The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. However, it showed that Marvel is finally embracing some more mature content, moving away from its Disney family-friendly tone. PG-13 will still be the main MCU rating, but it's nice to have Deadpool & Wolverine as a refreshing change of pace.


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