Deadpool & Wolverine Movie: Marvel FINALLY Confirms Main Villain's Casting

Marvel Studios confirmed the identity of Deadpool & Wolverine"s main villain.
Deadpool & Wolverine has been shrouded in mystery, including the identity of its main villain, who will be played by the award-winning Emma Corrin.
Deadpool 3 Confirms Main Villain ActorInitial rumors stated Emma Corrin would be playing the X-Men villain Danger (the physical manifestation of the team"s training room software), but that was quickly debunked leaving no clear indication of who the main antagonist would be.
Now, thanks to an official U.S. copyright listing for Deadpool & Wolverine, Marvel finally confirmed who Corrin will be playing in the MCU threequel.
Marvel StudiosThe cast list confirms The Crown star will play Cassandra Nova, an X-Men villain and the sister to the team"s leader, Professor Charles Xavier.
Cassandra Nova came from a species of bodiless psychic entities called Mummudrai who copied an unborn Xavier"s DNA to create its own body. She later became a formidable threat with psychic abilities akin to Professor X along with a powerful hatred for both her twin brother and mutantkind.
What Cassandra Nova"s Inclusion Means for Deadpool 3As Deadpool & Wolverine will be a Multiversal flick, Cassandra Nova could become a major threat to more than one universe.
Perhaps they will set out to cleanse the Multiverse of mutants, or maybe their target will be the Fox universe, forcing Deadpool and Wolverine to team up and defend their reality.
With Emma Corrin set to play Cassandra Nova, the sister to Professor Charles Xavier, it is tough to imagine a world where at least one version of the X-Men leader doesn"t make his way into Deadpool & Wolverine.
After his cameo in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Charles Xavier actor Patrick Stewart teased more MCU appearances to come and later confirmed he was "told to standby" regarding a potential role in Deadpool 3.
More recently in January this year, Stewart told the Happy Sad Confused podcast, "There"s been a process" when asked if he will appear in Deadpool & Wolverine after The Marvels arguably teased more of him to come:
"It has come up, there’s been a process. You know, the last two, three years have been so difficult with the labor problems and the health problems, and COVID, you know."
As Stewart is game to return as Professor X once again, it would be surprising if he didn"t become involved in the Deadpool threequel, especially with several other X-Men confirmed to return and his evil sister now in play.
Deadpool & Wolverine hits theaters on July 25.


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