10 Marvel Comics Characters We Want To See Debut In The MCU’s Fantastic Four Movie

  • Marvel Studios has revealed the cast for The Fantastic Four, and has hinted at a 1960s setting for the upcoming MCU project.
  • The Fantastic Four may meet established MCU characters in the 1960s, but new characters from Marvel Comics could also debut in The Fantastic Four.
  • Characters including Rick Jones, Blue Marvel, Annihilus, Galactus and Doctor Doom could be introduced to the MCU in Phase 6's The Fantastic Four.
As well as introducing Marvel's First Family to the MCU, Phase 6's The Fantastic Four could also debut several other heroes and villains from the pages of Marvel Comics. Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige first teased the Fantastic Four's debut in the MCU back in 2019, shortly after Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Since then, however, news on the highly-anticipated The Fantastic Four reboot had been scarce. That is, until the project's cast was finally confirmed on February 14, 2024, including Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn and Ebon Moss-Bachrach as the four main stars of the titular team.
As well as unveiling The Fantastic Four's main cast, Marvel Studios' Valentine's Day reveal also teased a historical style for the upcoming project. The team's costumes, home decor, retro robot assistant HERBIE, and The Fantastic Four's new logo hint at the project being set in the 1960s, meaning an unexplored time period in the MCU's history may be examined more closely. This creates the opportunity for several past MCU characters to appear in The Fantastic Four, but there are many other Fantastic Four-related characters from Marvel Comics who could make their first MCU appearances in the upcoming Phase 6 project.
Marvel's Fantastic Four Not Yet RatedActionAdventure Sci-FiSuperhero Marvel's Fantastic Four is the first MCU movie to feature Marvel's First Family in the same live-action universe as the Avengers. It introduces the Marvel Cinematic Universe's version of Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Ben Grimm, and Johnny Storm, and precedes Phase 6's Avengers: The Kang Dynasty and Avengers: Secret Wars.
Director Matt Shakman Release Date July 25, 2025 Studio(s) Marvel Studios 10 Captain Mar-Vell & Rick Jones Are Connected To Marvel Comics’ Negative Zone Rick Jones Is A Prominent Ally To Many Marvel Heroes Captain Mar-Vell has already been adapted into Annette Bening's Mar-Vell in Captain Marvel, but she could receive more development in the 1960s-set The Fantastic Four, potentially alongside Rick Jones, who hasn't appeared in the MCU. Rick Jones is a prominent ally to many Marvel Comics heroes, including Mar-Vell, the Hulk and Captain America. In Marvel Comics, Mar-Vell and Jones find themselves entangled with the Negative Zone, a realm often explored by the Fantastic Four, meaning while one exists in the real world, the other is safe in the Negative Zone. This could be included in Marvel Studios' The Fantastic Four.
9 Mole Man Was The Fantastic Four’s First Marvel Comics Villain Mole Man Debuted In Marvel Comics' The Fantastic Four #1 In 1961 Close Mole Man is an unusual villain in Marvel Comics, but just happens to be the first adversary the Fantastic Four ever faced as a team in 1961's The Fantastic Four #1. Regularly spurring attacks from beneath the Earth's surface with his Moloid followers, a race of human-mole hybrids, Mole Man is a sinister foe to the Fantastic Four. As the team's first ever villain, it would be great to see Mole Man appear in the MCU, providing a minor threat for the Fantastic Four in their first MCU adventure before they take on bigger dangers, including Galactus and Doctor Doom.
8 Blastaar Is A Powerful Adversary To The Fantastic Four Blastaar Is Sometimes Known As The Living Bomb-Blast While the appearance of the Negative Zone in The Fantastic Four could introduce the likes of Mar-Vell and Rick Jones to the MCU, several inhabitants of the otherworldly realm could also appear. This could include Blastaar, the ruler of the Baluurian race that resides inside the Negative Zone. Blastaar was ousted by his subjects, becoming an outlaw, which led to him waging attacks on Earth, bringing him into conflict with the Fantastic Four many times. Blastaar is a very powerful villain, whose debut could help to demonstrate the weirdness of the Negative Zone if it appears in The Fantastic Four​​​​​​​.
Related Fantastic Four: 10 Villains The Team Could Face In The MCU (Besides Doctor Doom), According To Reddit The Fantastic Four reboot might be the most anticipated part of Phase 4, but the mystery remains as to what threat Marvel's First Family will family. 7 The Sentry Could Appear In The 1960s The Sentry Has Been Rumored To Debut In Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts Indeed, Robert Reynolds' Sentry is expected to debut prior to the release of The Fantastic Four, with Lewis Pullman thought to be assuming the role for 2025's Thunderbolts. However, it's possible that an earlier version of the Sentry, Marvel Comics' answer to DC's Superman, could appear in the 1960s-set The Fantastic Four. In Marvel Comics, Reynolds was introduced as an Everyman who began to remember his time as a superhero, whom the world had forgotten. He was revealed to be Reed Richards' best friend, so this connection could be established in The Fantastic Four following the Sentry's debut in Thunderbolts​​​​​​​.
The Walking Dead and Invincible star Steven Yeun was initially expected to be Thunderbolts' Sentry, but was replaced with Lewis Pullman after departing the project in January 2024.
6 Blue Marvel Could Be A New Heavy-Hitter In The MCU The Fantastic Four's Suspected Timeline Makes Blue Marvel's Debut More Likely Adam Brashear's Blue Marvel has been speculated to be joining the MCU for several years, and The Fantastic Four provides the perfect opportunity for his introduction. In Marvel Comics, Blue Marvel receives his antimatter manipulation abilities after experimenting with the Negative Zone during the Kennedy administration of the 1960s, connecting him directly to the Fantastic Four. Debuting Blue Marvel provides a chance to explore the culture of the 1960s, as Brashear was asked to retire as Blue Marvel after his identity was revealed in the midst of segregation, which would be a hugely important story for Marvel Studios to explore.
5 Annihilus Could Be The MCU’s Next Major Villain Annihilus Is A Significant Threat In Marvel Comics' Annihilation Storyline Close With Marvel Studios potentially moving away from the Multiverse Saga's Kang the Conqueror-focused storyline, The Fantastic Four could introduce Annihilus as a new major villain in the MCU. Annihilus is the ruler of the Negative Zone, though his plans to invade Earth have regularly been thwarted by the Fantastic Four. In one iconic Marvel Comics storyline, Annihilus leads the Annihilation Wave out of the Negative Zone in an effort to take over the universe, but is foiled by several cosmic superheroes. This epic story could be adapted for the MCU, and the foundations may be laid in The Fantastic Four​​​​​​​.​​​​​​​
4 Molecule Man Would Set Up Avengers: Secret Wars Perfectly Molecule Man Is Important To Marvel Comics' Secret Wars Event In 2015 Marvel Comics' Owen Reece became Molecule Man after absorbing radiation from the Beyonder's dimension, allowing him to control matter on a molecular level. This action created a wormhole, however, that enabled the Beyonder to begin to observe Earth, leading to 1984's Secret Wars event. Molecule Man had a huge part to play in 2015's Secret Wars story, too, as Reece is capable of absorbing the powers of the otherworldly Beyonders. Molecule Man may be introduced in The Fantastic Four ahead of 2027's Avengers: Secret Wars, which could see him potentially team up with Doctor Doom while incursions ravage the multiverse.
Related Avengers 6 Theory Replaces Missing MCU Villain With 1 Powerful Hero One powerful MCU hero could replace a crucial Marvel Comics villain in 2027's Avengers: Secret Wars, and help to introduce a much-anticipated enemy. 3 The Silver Surfer Was Helped By The Fantastic Four In Marvel Comics The Silver Surfer Has Been Rumored To Debut In The Fantastic Four Despite being a very cosmic character, Norrin Radd's Silver Surfer is intrinsically connected to the Fantastic Four, too. In Marvel Comics, the Silver Surfer, a Herald of the planet-eater Galactus, traveled to Earth in preparation for his master to devour humanity's homeworld. However, with the help of the Fantastic Four, the Silver Surfer relearned his nobility and helped save Earth from Galactus, but was exiled as punishment. Galactus and the Silver Surfer have been heavily-rumored to be appearing in The Fantastic Four, so this storyline could be explored, introducing yet another supremely powerful cosmic hero to the MCU's Multiverse Saga.
2 Galactus Has Been Heavily-Rumored For The Fantastic Four Galactus Is One Of Marvel Comics' Most Dangerous Threats Galactus is one of Marvel Comics' most legendary and recognizable supervillains, not least because of his sheer size and the immense danger he poses to the heroes of the Marvel Universe. In order to sustain his life force, Galactus must devour entire worlds, and employs Heralds to search for these planets. One of these worlds is Earth, but Galactus is defeated by his Herald, the Silver Surfer, with the help of the Fantastic Four. This god-like being has been rumored to debut in The Fantastic Four​​​​​​​, but Galactus could become a major threat in the MCU for years to come.
Javier Bardem has recently been rumored to be cast as Galactus in The Fantastic Four, but this hasn't been officially confirmed.
1 Doctor Doom Is A Prominent Villain To Many MCU Heroes Doctor Doom Could Be The MCU's Next Thanos Close There's been speculation for years that Victor Von Doom, better known as Doctor Doom, would appear in the MCU, and The Fantastic Four provides the perfect opportunity for this to finally happen. Doctor Doom is one of the most iconic supervillains in Marvel Comics history, having battled many heroes, but being closely associated with the Fantastic Four. Doom and Reed Richards studied together, but developed a competitive rivalry that has persisted for almost seven decades. The Fantastic Four is very likely to finally introduce Doctor Doom, but he will likely be around in the MCU for many years to come.


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