Every Superpower Thor Used In The MCU

  • Thor's super strength dwarfs most characters in the MCU, allowing him to easily lift vehicles and send monsters flying.
  • Thor can fly at blistering speeds and hover, giving him a strategic advantage in battle.
  • Thor's durability allows him to withstand immense damage and survive extreme environments, like the vacuum of space.
Thor is one of the most impressive characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with a whole host of impressive powers that put most other members of the Avengers to shame. Being Asgard's God of Thunder, Thor is well-known for his ability to command lightning and electricity, but the true suite of powers he's shown off across the Thor quadrilogy and the rest of his appearances in the MCU suggest so much more capability. It's no wonder early humanity regarded him as a literal deity.
Many of Thor's powers come inherent with being an Asgardian, a hearty spacefaring civilization with an impressive physiology that Thor takes full advantage of. Further separating him apart from "normal" Asgardians is his status as the God of Thunder, imbuing him with the mystical aspects of the storm thanks to his royal lineage as Odin's son. Finally, Thor's choice of weaponry, the famed hammer Mjolnir and later the axe, Stormbreaker, enhances his abilities even further by amplifying his latent magic power.
10 Super Strength Thor is the only Avengers that can go toe to toe with The Hulk While Thor may not have won the honor of the Quinjet's "strongest Avenger" activation pass-phrase, in terms of physical strength, he absolutely dwarfs most characters in the MCU. With his bare hands, Thor is able to easily hoist vehicles like cars or even entire spaceships above his head, treating massive monster-scale chains like mundane workout equipment. Combined with the power of Mjolnir, Thor can hit hard enough to send even monsters like Frost Giants and Chitauri flying away with ease.
9 Flight Thor's native flight is an incredibly useful power At first, Thor relied on Mjolnir to fly, swinging the weapon hard enough to pull him off the ground along with it, aiming himself through the air with the hammer's physics-defying properties. However, upon embracing his status as the God of Thunder in Thor: Ragnarok, it seems the Asgardian has had the inherent power to fly all along, even without the aid of his weapon. Not only can he take off at blistering speeds, but he can hover in place to survey any battlefield from a strategic vantage point.
8 Asgardian Durability Thor is one of the toughest characters in the entire MCU Close Like all Asgardians, Thor enjoys the ability to take absurd amounts of damage compared to a regular human, shrugging off hits from the likes of The Hulk and The Destroyer with ease. Perhaps his single most impressive feat of durability was when he withstood the searing power of a neutron star while working in Eitri's forge, putting him at an absurd level of power compared to the majority of the MCU. Beyond simply being able to take big hits, Thor's durability also translates to a greater pool of stamina, allowing him to survive extreme environments like the vacuum of space.
7 Storm Manipulation Thor isn't the God of hammers Close Not called the God of Thunder of nothing, Thor is capable of generating intense blasts of electricity, even without the aid of weapons like Mjolnir or Stormbreaker, frequently using these against the likes of Thanos' alien army of Ultron's robots to great effect. Beyond simply projecting lightning, Thor can also call upon his powers to fill the sky with dangerous stormclouds, complete with wind and rain. He can even precisely direct where his storm powers go, such as when he selectiely shields Jane Foster from one of his torrential downpours.
6 Summoning The Bifrost Bridge The link between realms is (usually) at Thor's command Though not technically an inherent power of Thor's, the God of Thunder has frequently been capable of calling upon the power of the Bifrost Bridge to transport him and his allies to nearly anywhere across the Marvel Cinematic Universe's realms. The Bifrost has been inactive at various points throughout the MCU, or otherwise rendered inaccessible to Thor when in control of the likes of Loki or Hela. Previously, Thor was reliant on Heimdall to transport him along the Bifrost for him. However, with the power of Stormbreaker, Thor can now directly access the mystical portal himself.
5 Super Speed Thor can be just as quick as the lightning he commands While The Avengers never got a dedicated speedster, Thor's enhanced reaction times, superhuman agility, and blistering flight speeds put him close to filling the position. During the fight with Quicksilver in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor was still moving at a decent speed from Pietro Maximoff's perspective, whereas Captain America and Iron Man may as well have been statues. Not only that, but Thor was able to overwhelm The Hulk during their fight in The Avengers, flying fast enough to appear as a vague blur.
4 Clothing Generation Who says Asgardian powers don't have a sense of style? One of the more obscure powers Thor has, enchanted weapons like Mjolnir and Stormbreaker has allowed him to literally tailor his appearance to the occasion at hand. Using Stormbreaker, Thor was able to instantly summon an impressive Norse battle armor, the magical energies even taking the time to braid his beard and tidy up his messy hair. This ability is more practical when it comes to blending in within the human world, as Thor uses it to don normal human clothes and disguise Mjolnir as a simple umbrella.
3 Healing Factor Thor can recover significantly quicker than a normal human While Thor might be no Wolverine when it comes to instantly healing even the most grievous of wounds, he still boasts an impressive healing factor that can quickly compensate for some serious injuries. Thor's durability extends to his fast recovery time, his body able to reconstruct his wounds from even dangerous blows like Hela's swords or The Destroyer's attacks, bringing him back from the brink of death. Additionally, Thor's Asgardian physiology drastically slows his aging, leaving him at least 1,500 years old by his own estimation.
2 Weapon Enchantment Thor has an impressive command over his ever-expanding arsenal While Mjolnir's original enchantments might not have been Thor's doing, Thor proved he was able to at least alter them. In Thor: Love and Thunder, it's revealed that the Asgardian installed an enchantment into Mjolnir to always protect Jane Foster, an order the weapon carries out dutifully. Not only that, but Thor even uses this power to briefly enchant various items held by the Asgardian children kidnapped by Gorr, turning everything from a Teddy Bear to various pieces of debris into miniature versions of Mjolnir in their own right for a limited time.
1 Weapon Calling Thor's most iconic power is one of his most useful Close Few sounds in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are more iconic than the trademark drone of Mjolnir returning to Thor's hand. With a simple gesture, Thor can summon his trademark weapon to come flying back into his grip no matter the distance, even using the returning flight path of Mjolnir as a surprise attack. Later, Thor also learns to use this power with Stormbreaker as well, presenting an even deadlier boomerang for Marvel villains to contend with.


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