Deadpool 3's Big Villain, Cassandra Nova, Just Got Revealed

The debut trailer for Deadpool 3 (officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine) came with a brief glimpse at the villain of the film - Cassandra Nova. 
The upcoming R-rated MCU comedy has been long in the making, with Ryan Reynolds" Merc with a Mouth bringing together an all-star cast of returning Marvel Mutants to the big screen (click here for a list of returning Marvel characters in Deadpool 3). 
However, it will also mark the debut of Emma Corrin in the super-powered franchise, as The Crown actress joins the series as a mysterious new villain. 
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Deadpool 3"s Big Villain Finally Revealed Marvel StudiosEmma Corrin"s Deadpool 3 villain has seemingly been revealed as a part of the film"s first trailer. 
The sneak peek at the upcoming MCU epic showed a glimpse at what looked to be Corrin"s bald head, with many believing them to be playing the longtime X-Men villain Cassandra Nova. 
Debuted as a part of Super Bowl LVIII, this first look shows Corrin"s character looking out upon a battlefield of sorts with long pointed ears, just like the ones Nova is known for in the comics. 
It has not yet been officially confirmed Corrin is playing Cassandra Nova, but given the evidence presented thus far, it seems highly likely that is the case. 
According to the film"s official branding, Corrin is third-billing below Ryan Reynolds" Wade Wilson and Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine, seeming to suggest they will be getting significant screen time. This amount of screen time would make sense for a primary antagonist. 
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Who Is Deadpool & Wolverine"s Cassandra Nova? Marvel ComicsFor the uninitiated, Cassandra Nova may not be a name that strikes any sort of chord of familiarity, but she is certain to be a daunting challenge for Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman"s titular mutants. 
Nova first appeared in New X-Men #114 in May 2001 and has been a part of some major Marvel Comics events since then. 
What is most interesting about Cassandra Nova is her connection to X-Men leader Charles Xavier.
Cassandra does not have any corporeal form, being what her creator Grant Morrison describes as a mummudrai. She is a mysterious Multiversal being that - in the comics - becomes entangled with a future version of Charles Xavier, taking on a version of his body and possessing many of the same powers as Professor X.
These Mutliversal origins, as well as a close connection with the Secret Wars storyline, make Cassandra Nova a perfect foe to introduce in Deadpool 3, as the R-rated comedy will seemingly lay the groundwork for the MCU"s very own Secret Wars movie. 
As the super-powered threequel is set to shut the door on the Fox universe of X-Men characters and usher in a new era of mutant storytelling for the franchise, it will certainly be fun seeing this evil facsimile of an iconic Marvel character go up against Deadpool and Wolvie.
Deadpool 3 is set to hit theaters on July 26.
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