10 MCU Character Meetings We Can"t Wait To See

  • Marvel's upcoming projects will bring together various heroes and create new team dynamics, offering exciting possibilities for crossovers and interactions.
  • Characters like Kamala Khan, Yelena Belova, Spider-Man, Daredevil, She-Hulk, and Captain America have the potential to form interesting and humorous relationships due to their contrasting personalities and abilities.
  • The MCU can introduce new villains like Bullseye and explore unique team formations like the Midnight Sons, creating a rich and diverse universe for future storytelling.
One of the most exciting parts of the MCU is all the different character dynamics between Marvel's many heroes. As more heroes get introduced, the more opportunities there are for fun team-ups or possible rivalries. Marvel has shown they also don't need to wait for the next Avengers movie to have heroes meeting one another in the MCU timeline. The Marvels recently paired up Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau, and even Disney+ series have a good number of crossovers with characters like Kingpin and Yelena Belova showing up in Hawkeye.
Marvel has already revealed where some of its heroes are going to meet in upcoming MCU releases. Marvel's Thunderbolts is going to bring a good number of characters who haven't met together, and the teased Young Avengers project will be assembling the younger cast members. There are also rumors that Marvel's street-level heroes like Spider-Man might start to meet up in order to take down Kingpin following the plot of Daredevil: Born Again. With so many potential meetings set up, it will be exciting to see how these heroes and villains get along.
Related The Avengers Are The Only Way To Fix The MCU's Misguided Multiverse Saga Mistakes The MCU has been floundering from a lack of leadership since the Infinity Saga, a problem that has worsened due to a focus on new super teams. 10 Yelena Belova Is The Perfect Foil For Kamala Khan Close Kamala Khan is one of the happiest and most positive Marvel heroes. She always seems excited to be Ms. Marvel and enjoys working with other heroes, especially Captain Marvel. Her sunny demeanor would contrast perfectly with the equally entertaining but much more cynical Yelena Belova.
A meeting between these two heroes would likely be a humorous battle of wills to see whose perspective wins out in the end: Kamala's optimism, or Yelena's cynicism. Kamala will also likely be shocked by Yelena's more ruthless nature, which could be a lot of fun. As a big Avengers fan, Kamala would also likely geek out if she realized Yelena was Black Widow's sister, which could add some more dimension to a meeting between the two.
9 Daredevil And Spider-Man Need To Meet Again, Preferably In Costume Although Matt Murdock technically met Peter Parker in Spider-Man: No Way Home, he will no longer remembers that he has, thanks to Doctor Strange's spell. Besides this, their last meeting saw both interact only in their civilian forms, preventing a proper hero-to-hero meeting from taking place. What would be really exciting would be to see the two popular street-level heroes teaming up in costume to take down a villain or some of Kingpin's forces.
Spider-Man and Daredevil make an interesting team thanks to their specific skills. Spider-Man's powers make him stronger, and in the MCU he has more experience getting into big fights. Meanwhile, Daredevil knows the inner workings of criminal organizations better than this version of Peter Parker, so he will be a valuable resource against Kingpin or other street-level threats. Daredevil's drier wit also contrasts nicely with Peter Parker's slightly more awkward nature.
8 She-Hulk Should Meet Her Idol Captain America Close She-Hulk showed that Jennifer Walters had a bit of a fixation on Captain America. While She-Hulk never got to cross paths with Steve Rogers, she does still have a chance to run into the new Captain America, Sam Wilson. It will be interesting to see if Jennifer's admiration for Captain America carries over to Sam, or if she just needles him with questions about Steve Rogers like she did with Bruce.
She-Hulk would also have a fun dynamic with Sam Wilson, since she takes things far less seriously. This would inevitably lead to some verbal sparring, which is always a great part of any superhero team. It would also be nice to see what She-Hulk would be capable of while going up against a threat big enough for Captain America to be involved, as the limits of her powers haven't really been tested yet.
7 Blade And Black Knight Could Assemble A Unique Marvel Team The end of Eternals teased Dane Whitman's transformation into the Black Knight with the help of the Ebony Blade. In the scene, Dane hears Blade's voice warning him against using the sword, and setting up a future meeting between the two. Not only would it be interesting to see Blade interact with another Marvel hero, since he has only ever had solo films, he and Dane could set up one of Marvel's more interesting teams.
The Midnight Sons are a team focused on Marvel's supernatural side. Blade has been a member, as have other MCU heroes like Doctor Strange and Moon Knight. If Marvel keeps its seeming plans to pair Black Knight up with Blade, they could easily be the founding members of the MCU's version of the team. Though Black Knight is not typically a Midnight Son, he does fight supernatural threats, so it wouldn't be out of place.
6 Bucky And Red Guardian May Have Already Met Close Red Guardian and Bucky Barnes both have a long history in the MCU, and both were involved with the Soviet Union. This means that there is a chance Bucky and Red Guardian have already met off-screen. Them meeting again in Thunderbolts will be a fun opportunity to explore their possible shared history.
If Red Guardian met Bucky, it would likely be when he was still the Winter Soldier. This means Red Guardian will likely bring up some painful memories for Bucky in his usual tactless fashion, and may also get annoyed when Bucky doesn't remember who he is. This could be a fun way to flesh out these characters' pasts while also injecting some humor into the Thunderbolt's dynamics.
5 Ironheart And War Machine Will Have A Very Different Relationship Than Rhodes And Tony Riri Williams will likely be meeting James Rhodes in the upcoming Armor Wars movie. Unlike Rhodey's relationship with Tony, him and Riri's dynamic will likely have a lot more give and take. This will allow both characters to share the spotlight, as opposed to one feeling overshadowed by the other.
Like Tony Stark, Riri Williams is an inventor. She even made her own prototype Ironheart suit in a garage by herself. However, she doesn't have all the superhero experience that Rhodey has from his time as War Machine. This means Rhodey will have a lot to teach Riri, while Riri will be able to provide Rhodey with tech upgrades similar to how Tony did.
4 Bullseye Joining The Thunderbolts Could Introduce Him To The Wider MCU The MCU would really benefit from having more villains that stick around and interact with multiple heroes. Bullseye has a history of getting around quite a bit in the Marvel Universe, having been a member of the Thunderbolts and later the Dark Avengers. Allowing Bullseye to go beyond the world of just Daredevil: Born Again could help give the MCU more villains to work with and also set up some interesting stories from the comics.
Though Bullseye likely won't join up in Marvel's Thunderbolts, he could easily be in a later incarnation of the team. Perhaps once Valentina Allegra de Fontaine's more villainous nature becomes clear, more heroic members like Bucky and Yelena will jump ship, opening up a slot for Bullseye. With the Sentry said to be included in the movie, adding Bullseye would bring the team one step closer to being the MCU's Dark Avengers.
3 America Chavez Will Be A Good Contrast To Kate Bishop With Kate Bishop taking up the mantle of Hawkeye, she will likely also adopt some of his responsibilities in the new Young Avengers. One of these will likely be the role of the more down-to-earth member of the group who contrasts with their more high-concept teammates. Kate will likely be an interesting contrast to another possible Young Avenger, America Chavez.
America Chavez's powers are some of the weirdest in the MCU. Her ability to punch holes into other dimensions is a pretty big leap from Kate simply shooting arrows. Kate could easily act as the audience stand-in when things start to get really chaotic, showing how a person with no superpowers has to deal with hopping through the multiverse.
2 Deadpool Makes Spider-Man Look Tame And Responsible By Comparison Spider-Man has often been saddled with a superhero babysitter in the MCU. If he were to get paired up with Deadpool, however, he would likely have to take on the role of the responsible adult. This would be a fun way to turn the MCU Spider-Man's mentor problem on its head, and let Peter Parker develop a new set of skills.
In general, the potential dynamic between the pair holds a lot of potential, especially given the fact the MCU could draw from their crossover comic run. This would leave Spider-Man likely constantly stressing over what Deadpool might do next, and allow Deadpool to be characteristically chaotic. Whenever the duo team up in Marvel Comics, it's a lot of fun, so it would be nice to see a live-action version now that Deadpool is joining the MCU.
1 Thor And Hercules Have Been Set Up For A Mythological Title Fight The Thor: Love and Thunder ending set up a fight between Thor and Hercules, who is looking for revenge after Thor tried to kill Zeus. Not only will this likely be an interesting battle in terms of the MCU, but it should also allow the franchise to expand its adaptations of various mythologies further. There aren't many big budget blockbusters that combine multiple mythologies, and although Marvel's Thor is very different from his original counterpart, it will likely still be a fun fight.
Thor and Hercules are both some of the most respected warriors in their respective mythologies, so watching them go head-to-head will be very exciting, especially since the MCU will be able to truly show off what Hercules can do within it. The pair have also clashed in Marvel Comics several times, meaning their MCU fight will bring a long-standing rivalry to the big screen, and be able to use ample source material to make it a truly satisfying hero vs hero conflict.


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