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Deadpool 3"s long-awaited first trailer highlighted the return of Pyro, an X-Men character who has not been seen in the Marvel universe for nearly two decades.
Marvel Studios" first movie fully centered on the X-Men will bring back some major players from the Fox universe, with arguably the biggest name of that group being Hugh Jackman in his comeback as Wolverine.
A rumored synopsis for the threequel had teased the idea of Deadpool rewriting the entire history of the MCU upon his official introduction with the film finally bringing two major movie universes together.
Deadpool 3"s Pyro Return ExplainedIn the first full trailer for Marvel Studios" Deadpool 3, officially titled Deadpool & Wolverine, Aaron Stanford made a surprise return as the fire-powered mutant Pyro.
Stanford"s returning character, also known as John Allerdyce, is only seen for a few frames as he exclaims "God, I love this part!" while Ryan Reynolds" titular antihero dives into his first-ever MCU action sequences.
Marvel StudiosAfter making a minor appearance in 2000"s X-Men, he returned to play a bigger role in both 2003"s X2: The Last Stand and 2006"s X-Men: The Last Stand, serving as an antagonist alongside Magneto in the third film.
20th Century FoxAt the end of X-Men: The Last Stand, Pyro was defeated by Shawn Ashmore"s Iceman as Ashmore"s hero froze Pyro"s hands and knocked him out with a headbutt.
Speaking exclusively with The Direct, Sanford slyly teased that he would be open to a comeback weeks before this trailer released, saying he would "have to think about it" when asked about a possible comeback:
"I"d have to think about it. You know, it"s a character that, I"ve been there and done that. I quite enjoyed it. And I still have many, many fond memories and a lot of lasting friendships from those experiences... I don"t know, man. It"s an intriguing question. I would have to consider it."
The full trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine can be seen below:
What Will Happen in Deadpool 3?With Aaron Stanford"s Pyro only showing up for a couple of seconds in the trailer, deciphering his role in the hotly-anticipated sequel is something of a challenge.
However, with a big chunk of the cast of Deadpool"s first two solo movies coming back alongside MCU newcomer Matthew MacFayden, the boundaries between the Fox and Marvel Studios" universe are about to go up in flames quickly.
Fans see Deadpool showing off his brand-new MCU-influenced costume in some epic action shots near the 20th Century Fox logo after learning that he would enter the highest-grossing movie franchise in cinematic history.
Watching past footage from movies like Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Thor: Ragnarok, Reynolds and crew understand the mission at hand as Deadpool takes his place among the MCU"s biggest names.
On top of that, multiple versions of Reynolds" own hero will be utilized, setting up one of the wildest solo stories the MCU has seen to date.
Deadpool & Wolverine will debut in theaters on July 26.


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