10 Fox X-Men Characters Most Likely To Appear In The MCU After The Marvels

  • Professor X is confirmed to exist in The Marvels' new universe, and his appearance is highly likely.
  • Magneto, the leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants, is likely to have a part to play in the MCU's future.
  • Wolverine's overwhelming popularity makes his inclusion in The Marvels' new X-Men universe almost guaranteed.
The Marvels teased the Fox X-Men universe was closer to the MCU than ever, raising the question of which specific mutants are most likely to appear after the film. After The Marvels' climactic ending saw Monica Rembeau fixing a rift in space-time, she was transported to another universe entirely. Rambeau/Photon awakened in what seemed to be the original X-Men universe after The Marvels' ending, coming face-to-face with Hank McCoy/Beast and Binary, a variant of Monica's mother, Maria Rambeau.
The inclusion of Binary in The Marvels' post-credit scene seemed to lower the likelihood that the universe Monica found herself in was the original X-Men franchise. That said, there were some striking similarities between the original X-Men trilogy and The Marvels. With the upcoming Deadpool 3 story set to introduce even more X-Men to the MCU, it is worth exploring how The Marvels' universe specifically could lead to other mutant appearances, including which specific heroes are likely to appear next.
10 Professor X The leader of the X-Men is already confirmed to exist in The Marvels' new universe. Close Perhaps the most likely X-Men character to appear after The Marvels' climactic end-credit scene is Professor X himself, for myriad reasons. For one, Hank McCoy already confirmed that Professor X is leading the X-Men in the universe established by The Marvels. After checking on Monica, Hank states that "Charles asked for an update," obviously talking about Charles Xavier.
Secondly, Professor X has already appeared in an MCU property: Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Played once more by Patrick Stewart, the version of Professor X in Doctor Strange 2 was different from any other variant seen in live-action before, yet helped to support further appearances in the future. It is clear Stewart is willing to return, making it very likely that the variant of Charles in The Marvels' universe will be played by the long-time X-Men actor too.
9 Magneto The leader of the Brotherhood of Mutants could have a part to play in the MCU's future. If the X-Men series has confirmed anything, it is that where Charles Xavier is, Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto is never far behind. The universe Monica fell into at the end of The Marvels evidently had a solid X-Men organization, complete with the labs and headquarters beneath Xavier's mansion. Therefore, it is incredibly likely that the universe shown in the 2023 MCU film also has a Magneto and his Brotherhood of Mutants. This - combined with Magneto's overwhelming popularity in both timelines of Fox's X-Men universe - suggests his future MCU appearance, though which version of the character remains unknown.
8 Wolverine The modern face of the X-Men is another likely addition to The Marvels' universe. Close If only for the character's overwhelming popularity, Wolverine's inclusion in The Marvels' new X-Men universe is all but guaranteed. While Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine will be spotlighted in Deadpool 3, the version of Wolverine in The Marvels would offer a completely different version of the character. Wolverine's centrality to the X-Men franchise in modern pop culture cannot be understated, meaning that the character will likely be a part of The Marvels' branched timeline, disconnected from the version of Wolverine in Deadpool 3's cast of characters.
Related Every Actor Cast In Deadpool 3 (So Far) Ryan Reynolds is joining the MCU as the Merc with a Mouth in Phase 6's Deadpool 3, and some of his supporting cast has already been revealed. 7 Jean Grey The all-powerful Jean Grey has been a popular X-Men character in recent iterations. Much like Professor X, Magneto, and Wolverine, Jean Grey is an X-Men character who proved popular in both versions of Fox's live-action franchise. Putting the power of her mutant abilities aside, Jean Grey made a good addition to the Fox X-Men franchise in all appearances, even if the films themselves were below par in some cases. Therefore, Jean's return in another X-Men universe is incredibly likely, with her appearance in The Marvels' universe being the optimal choice for this.
6 Mystique A popular X-Men villain will surely be part of a mutant-dominant universe. One of the long-running foes of the X-Men, and even an antihero at points in Marvel Comics, is Mystique. Her role as an antagonist to the X-Men has been part of the original comic stories for decades, proving how important she is to the world of the mutant heroes. This was also supported by her usage in the Fox X-Men franchise. These two aspects almost guarantee Mystique a place in The Marvels' new universe going forward after the film's exciting teases.
5 Cyclops Scott Summers deserves his chance in the X-Men spotlight. Close Wolverine being the face of Fox's X-Men franchise for decades has led many to forget that Cyclops/Scott Summers is often the leader of the mutant superteam in Marvel Comics. The handling of Cyclops in the Fox X-Men movies is often regarded as one of the biggest missteps the franchise took, disregarding the comic importance of the character. With that in mind, The Marvels' new universe is the perfect opportunity to give Scott Summers the leadership role he deserves. Not only would this rectify the Fox X-Men mistakes, but it would provide the MCU with a fantastic new character.
Related Cyclops' MCU Return Needs Justice For The Worst X-Men Movie Crime James Marsden's arc as Cyclops in X-Men: The Last Stand was the final nail in the coffin for the mutant hero, so the MCU needs to do much better. 4 Rogue The mistreated character of Fox's X-Men could have a chance to shine in The Marvels' universe. In a similar vein to Scott Summers/Cyclops, the Fox X-Men franchise somewhat mistreated the fan-favorite character of Rogue. While she was important throughout the original trilogy, elements of her comic book character differed massively to render the live-action version of Rogue inferior to Marvel Comics' iteration. The Marvels' universe could fix this, especially with the connection to Carol Danvers that Rogue possessed in Marvel Comics. Through this, and more time dedicated to her overall arc, Rogue could become a member of importance in the MCU's new X-Men universe.
3 Ice Man Ice Man's live-action popularity makes him a likely candidate for a future MCU appearance. Like the other mutants on this list, Ice Man was an incredibly popular character in Fox's X-Men universe. This stems from his equal level of iconicity from Marvel Comics, meaning his appearance in the MCU is certainly a likely possibility. If The Marvels' universe smartly capitalizes on the most popular characters from the two Fox X-Men timelines, Ice Man will undoubtedly be a member of the MCU.
2 Storm Missing out the powerful Ororo Munroe from The Marvels' universe would be a disservice to the character. As one of the most powerful mutants in Fox's X-Men movies and Marvel Comics, Storm is another character likely to appear after The Marvels' ending. Ororo Munroe is an endlessly powerful, popular, and iconic character. While her appearance in something like Deadpool 3 is likely, Storm playing a central role in The Marvels' universe is an equally probable outcome. This would fix the somewhat disservice her character received in the second Fox X-Men trilogy while introducing an incredibly powerful being to the MCU.
1 Quicksilver The fastest man in the X-Men universe could race his way to the MCU's The Marvels' universe. While Quicksilver has already appeared in the MCU - as has a fake-out version in WandaVision - there is no denying the popularity of the character from the latter Fox X-Men films. Even when the quality of those movies dropped, Evan Peters' Quicksilver remained a bright spark with endlessly inventive and enjoyable superspeed sequences. This popularity alone is enough to rank the character as a likely inclusion in The Marvels' universe, though whether Peters reprises the role remains to be seen in future MCU properties.


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