Did The Deadpool 3 Trailer Secretly Reveal A Deadpool Variant NOT Played By Ryan Reynolds!?

This article covers a developing story. Continue to check back with us as we will be adding more information as it becomes available.Summary
  • The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer suggests the presence of a Lady Deadpool variant in the movie.
  • Lady Deadpool's signature uzis can be seen in the trailer, indicating her potential inclusion in the MCU film.
  • The detail of Reynolds' Deadpool gloves not matching those in the shot raises questions about a different Deadpool being in play.
Ryan Reynolds might not have been the only actor playing a Wade Wilson variant in the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer. After a long time with no official images besides the initial set photo that revealed Deadpool's new costume for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Hugh Jackman's yellow and blue Wolverine suit, The first trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine has dropped.
Your browser does not support the video tag. The Deadpool & Wolverine trailer features several references to other MCU projects, as well as Fox Marvel properties. After months of rumors, Loki's TVA was finally confirmed to play a major role in the movie. With the presence of the multiversal team in the MCU film, as well as previous Deadpool & Wolverine set photos and videos revealing that the multiverse is in play, with multiple Deadpool variants in the film, a moment in the trailer raises questions. It seems like the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer might have hidden a Deadpool variant not played by Reynolds.
Lady Deadpool Might Have Been Revealed In The Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer The Deadpool Corps Could Be Joining The MCU As pointed out by @XMenFilmNews on Twitter, a shot of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer could have revealed the presence of a Deadpool variant — Lady Deadpool — in the movie.
Lady Deadpool's signature uzis can be seen in the MCU movie's trailer, with the added detail that Reynolds' Deadpool gloves do not match those that appear in the shot in question.


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