Loki Star Sophia Di Martino Breaks Down Sylvie"s Season 2 Journey & Teases Her Future

  • Sylvie's character arc in Loki season 2 brought her to a new level of vulnerability and strength, exploring her humanity and inner fortitude.
  • Sophia Di Martino praised her onscreen chemistry with Tom Hiddleston, highlighting the dynamics between Sylvie and Loki in the MCU.
  • The potential for Sylvie's future in the Multiverse Saga remains open-ended, with endless possibilities for her character to evolve and interact with other variants.
Sylvie actress Sophia Di Martino breaks down her latest Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure in Loki season 2. 2023 was one of Marvel Studios' biggest years when it came to their TV properties on Disney+, as Loki season 2 emerged as one of the most well-received projects of all time for the MCU. Following up on the events of Loki season 1, the latest season took The Multiverse Saga to the next level, as the God of Mischief went through his ultimate, and potentially, finale chapter in the franchise.
However, Tom Hiddleston's Loki wasn't the only MCU player to go through a big development arc. One of the many actors to play Loki in the MCU is Di Martino, who portrays the iconic female variant of Loki, Sylvie, who had her trajectory fleshed out throughout Loki season 2. With Hiddleston's Loki now serving as the God of Time, time will tell what is next for Sylvie in the MCU.
Related 6 MCU Projects Sylvie Can Appear In After Loki Season 2 Though season 2 of Loki seemingly wrapped up Sylvie's character arc, her story can still continue in these potential future MCU projects. Screen Rant recently interviewed Sylvie herself, and Di Martino went into detail about returning to the Disney+ drama for a second time. Throughout the interview, Di Martino revealed the depth that goes into bringing her chemistry with Hiddleston to screen, and what she would like to see for Sylvie in the MCU if Loki season 3 were not to happen.
Sophia Di Martino Reflects On Loki Season 2 & Her MCU Future Close Screen Rant: First of all, were there any specific adjustments that you made from your performance from season 1 of Loki to season 2? And if so, were there any personal character decisions that you wanted to approach in a new way?
Sophia Di Martino: I don't know about adjustments, but there was definitely more to explore with Sylvie. So in {Loki] series two, [the UK version of season 2] she's in a completely different space. She's in a different world. She's not running anymore. She's not hiding. She's not trying to kill someone. She's kind of chilling and trying to make a life for herself trying to make some connections, trying to explore what it feels like to be human and just live comfortably safely. That's really new for her, so it was interesting for me to figure out how we would do that.
She's kind of awkward, [it] doesn't come naturally to her to be normal. She's kind of an outcast. She's kind of this small town weirdo in the second series, which was really fun to play and I just tried to stay true to Sylvie. I feel like because I played her for two series now, I know what she would do in any situation, so rather than adjust what I did in series one I just let it grow, I let her lead the way.
Sophia Di Martino Praises Onscreen Chemistry With Tom Hiddleston I love the chemistry between you and Tom Hiddleston, you guys are so fantastic onscreen together, how did you enjoy working with Tom and what contributed to that great on-screen chemistry that the both of you had?
Sophia Di Martino: It's so great working with Tom, he just wants it to be as good as it can be. He works so hard, he brings such great energy every day and I think that really contributes to the great chemistry and that we're really different as well. Sylvie and Loki are variants of the same being but they're so different and I think that fine line between same and differences why they can wind each other up so nicely and that's really fun to watch. Sylvie is so cutting and sarcastic and that winds him up so perfectly and people just like to watch Loki be uncomfortable. [laughs]
What was the funniest moment you shared with Tom while filming Loki either in season one or two?
Sophia Di Martino: There's been so many fun times there was a great moment where he was singing some karaoke with this huge piece of something [that] looks a bit like a microphone, like this huge piece of machinery from series 2, him and Eugene was singing, 'I'll Always Love You,' I think? I have it on video somewhere to put it online at some point.
Finding Ways To Make Sylvie Reletable To The MCU Audience Sylvie is a character who is vulnerable but has immense strength. How did you balance these aspects to make her relatable to audiences?
Sophia Di Martino: A lot of it is in the writing and I think I'm really drawn to characters like that, who are vulnerable, but also finding inner strength. I think it takes strength to be vulnerable, you can't have one without the other. I think especially in series two. Sylvie is managing to be almost happy, [laughs] which takes a lot of bravery after what she's been through. Because you have to trust people in order to be truly happy, I think.
There's something there with her learning how to trust other human beings, learning how to trust that it won't be taken away from her and then obviously, it's threatened and it is taken away, which is the most tragic thing. Her vulnerability comes back again, but then she's got something to fight for. So she's always going to be strong because she's not only fighting for herself, but for the greater good and I think that is where her strength really comes through. Is because she's fighting for everyone. She can be personally vulnerable. but strong for everyone else.
Having Expectations For The Loki Season 2 Finale Did you have a sense of how much love the Loki season 2 finale would get when you were filming it?
Sophia Di Martino: We had an idea - it's so iconic, that final image of Loki walking down the catwalk because we knew that would go down well and there was a lot of wind machine action, as soon as there's a big wind machine action on set, you know that it's going to be a big deal.
Given the rich tapestry of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, how did collaborating with Eric Martin and Tom Hiddleston shape your portrayal of Sylvie?
Sophia Di Martino: I think working with Tom really helped with the humor that Sophie has, because I, as Sylvie, really enjoy winding Loki up and I think that became a big part of Sylvie's character, her sarcasm and her sense of humor. Then Eric would start to write it in, he writes something, and it's a sort of chicken and egg back and forth collaboration.
The way Loki season 2 ended certainly felt as if you and Marvel could call it a day and close out the series after Loki's evolution from the God of Stories. Did you approach it with an end of a story in mind or that [you are] in hopes of continuing the character?
Sophia Di Martino: I never approach anything like it's the end, because you just never know, do you?
The Potential For Loki Season 3 Should Loki continue into more seasons, do you hope to take on more variants of the character the way that Tom Hiddleston has so far? Especially since Sylvie is the only true female variant of the character so far?:
Sophia Di Martino: That will be really fun, yeah, I'd love that.
Where would you like to see Sylvie's story go and why?
Sophia Di Martino: I think, at this point, if anything comes back to threaten freewill in general, I feel like Silvie will be there to fight the good fight. It kind of depends where the story goes, where the bigger picture goes. No one knows, but Kevin Feige!
Sylvie's Potential Future In The Multiverse Saga Custom image by Simone Ashmoore What do you look forward to about Sylvie in the MCU in this Multiverse Saga phase, since it started with Sylvie expanding the multiverse and Loki watching over?
Sophia Di Martino: Yeah, I mean, she could go anywhere. Again, the possibilities are limitless. That's what's so exciting about it. You just never know.
Do you think that Sylvie is going to try to find her way back to Loki and maybe figure out how to free him from this burden of The Multiverse Tree?
Sophia Di Martino: I feel like the two are definitely connected, so that's always going to be the case. It would be weird if they never saw each other again, right?
Do you think that we'll see Sylvie's variant of Thor anytime soon? I think it'd be fun to see all of those variants from Sylvie's timeline.
Sophia Di Martino: Yeah, it would be fun. Maybe Loki and Thor can be in the same room again.
Do you think now that Loki gave Sylvie her chance for a normal life she'll enjoy bliss and more of a domestic life as he keeps on being the God of Mischief?
Sophia Di Martino: I don't think that Sylvie can sit still for long enough. I feel like she's had a little go at her domestic blessed life, but her true place in the world is chaos and trying to find what her glorious purpose is.
About Loki Season 2 Your browser does not support the video tag. "Loki” Season 2 picks up in the aftermath of the shocking season finale when Loki finds himself in a battle for the soul of the Time Variance Authority. Along with Mobius, Hunter B-15 and a team of new and returning characters, Loki navigates an ever-expanding and increasingly dangerous multiverse in search of Sylvie, Judge Renslayer, Miss Minutes and the truth of what it means to possess free will and glorious purpose.
Loki seasons 1 and 2 are available for streaming only on Disney+.
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