X-Men ‘97 Was Right To Sideline Its Biggest Team Member Despite His $1B+ Movie Success

  • X-Men '97's decision to sideline Wolverine has allowed other characters to shine and develop in the spotlight.
  • The series focuses on emotional depth by giving Wolverine a supportive role, rather than making him the central character.
  • X-Men '97 proves its range by featuring different characters, as seen in the surprising plot twist of Episode 5.
Sidelining the most popular X-Men has been one of X-Men ‘97’s best moves yet. From Marvel's past X-Men-centric media, such as the original animated show and the various live-action adaptations, Wolverine has risen to the top as one of the most iconic team members thanks to his iconic appearance and Hugh Jackman’s portrayal in the Wolverine trilogy that garnered over $1 billion at the box office. It would’ve been predictable if X-Men ‘97 heavily focused on Logan, but shifting him to a supporting role has been one of the show’s best decisions.
While Wolverine is undeniably a big presence in X-Men ‘97, he has yet to be the focus of an episode. He has been consistently there for the team but has taken more of a backseat in the major conflicts and fights so far to let other X-Men’s powers shine. With many of the X-Men stories of recent years being focused on Wolverine, it would’ve been the easy route for X-Men ‘97 to bank on his popularity to attract viewers. However, the series stands out just as well, with characters like Cyclops and Gambit at the forefront without diminishing Wolverine’s presence.
Related X-Men '97 Season 2: Characters, Story & Everything We Know X-Men '97 Season 1 is now available on Disney Plus, and here is everything we know about Season 2's characters, story details, and more. Sidelining Wolverine Is What Makes X-Men ‘97 Emotionally Effective Close Despite not heavily featuring its most popular character, X-Men ‘97 works especially well because of the choice to sideline Wolverine. So far in season 1, Logan’s main role has been in Jean’s storyline as a supportive friend. He’s still gotten to display his powers, but he’s also taken a backseat for more emotional beats, such as sitting out of the meeting with the UN to look after a pregnant Jean. X-Men ‘97 doesn’t ignore Wolverine’s character or take away from his impact, but the series has simply prioritized other X-Men’s growth.
Wolverine has had plenty of his own growth in the live-action X-Men adaptations, so establishing him as a core emotional support to others in X-Men ‘97 helps the lesser-appreciated characters shine even more. Cyclops especially has been given his well-deserved credit in the series as the X-Men’s leader, which is a position the show could’ve easily given to Logan if it wanted to go off of popularity. Putting Wolverine in the background has allowed fans to better connect with members like Storm and Rogue thanks to their pivotal storylines.
X-Men '97's Major Episode 5 Plot Twist Further Proves Its Team Range Focus Episode 5 of X-Men ‘97 was the series’ most tragic thus far, as it ended with the deaths of Magneto and Gambit in the attack on Genosha. Considering that the episode was mostly focused on developing the two X-Men characters as well as their individual relationships with Rogue, the episode’s final plot twist was a huge surprise. The aftermath of Magneto and Gambit’s deaths among the other members will surely be the immediate focus for upcoming X-Men ‘97 episodes, meaning that the series has once again proven its capability to feature different X-Men characters.
2:55 Related Every Death In X-Men '97 Episode 5 The ending of X-Men ’97 episode 5 featured the tragic attack on Genosha by an army of Sentinels, resulting in the deaths of several major X-Men. In the wake of Magneto and Gambit’s deaths, it means that Cyclops will become the main leader once again and the younger X-Men like Jubilee and Roberto will have to step up. Even on the chance that Magneto and Gambit are revived in some way, it would still mean that a lesser-appreciated character like Gambit would get the character development that he hasn’t had in past X-Men adaptations. Wolverine will be alongside the team every step of the way, so he will still get his moments to shine despite not being the central focal point.
Wolverine Will Already Be Highlighted In 2024 Despite a lesser role in X-Men ‘97, Wolverine will still be highlighted in 2024. Hugh Jackman is set to portray Logan in Deadpool & Wolverine, which will likely turn out to be an integral role considering the film’s title. The X-Men’s arrival into the MCU has been eagerly anticipated, but that still doesn’t mean that Marvel can overwhelm fans with so much content at once. Including Logan in X-Men ‘97 meant he could still be introduced alongside the team, but his supporting role ensures that there won’t be Wolverine burnout by the time of Deadpool & Wolverine.
X-Men ‘97 has garnered an overwhelmingly positive response so far, and that’s thanks in part to the series deciding to highlight its lesser-known characters. Wolverine has always been one of the most recognizable X-Men, so it was a fair assumption that he would carry the Disney+ series, especially considering the success of the previous Wolverine trilogy. However, putting Wolverine on the sidelines of X-Men ‘97 has allowed other characters to get the recognition and development that they deserve while still featuring Logan as an emotional pillar.
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