DCU"s Superman Costume Complaints Ignore An Important Part Of His Comics History

  • Superman's new costume features classic elements like red trunks and vibrant colors, returning to the hero's roots.
  • The lack of muscle definition in the new costume aligns with the character's comic history, differing from modern live-action adaptations.
  • Fans have varying opinions on the perfect Superman costume, making it difficult to achieve a universally loved design.
Following the reveal of David Corenswet's suit for the upcoming Superman film, some complaints seem to ignore a significant part of various Superman costumes throughout his history. Superman will release on July 11, 2025, and will be the first movie (and official launch point) for the brand new DCU following the end of the DCEU. Everything known about Superman so far seems to indicate it will go back to the hero's roots, while keeping updating things modern audiences, including bringing back key costume design elements missing from most modern day adaptations.
Superman's new costume features a few iconic elements in this vein, such as the red trunks that sometimes come with the suit and a more vibrant color scheme. It's an interesting new take on the classic design while still having its own identity. One thing that really sticks out against most comic book movie suits is the lack of muscle definition the new costume has, which has been the case for a large portion of the character's comic history, but not so much the case for most modern live-action adaptations of the Man of Steel.


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