Stephen Amell"s Dream DCU Role (Besides Green Arrow) Is Perfect For A Villain James Gunn Already Teased

  • Stephen Amell is open to playing a Batman villain in the DCU.
  • Amell's experience as a darker Green Arrow and an evil version of the character could translate well to a Batman villain role.
  • Deathstroke could be the perfect fit for Amell in the DCU, connecting to his Arrow character.
Stephen Amell would be game to join the new DC Universe, and the actor even has a kind of role in mind if that opportunity comes. Amell is one of the most important actors in recent DC live-action history. The star led eight seasons of Arrow, the show that started the Arrowverse, a shared DC TV universe that brought to life many huge heroes and villains and presented exciting crossovers for years. At the moment, Amell's time at DC has ended, with the Arrowverse bowing out with the end of The Flash season 9, in which Amell appeared.
Amell's work as Oliver Queen, aka Green Arrow, might not have been necessarily comic book-accurate, but it was gripping and led to a whole universe of DC characters. As such, it would be exciting to see what Amell could do with DC in a different medium as a fresh new character. At the moment, no Arrowverse stars are set to be part of the DCU's announced projects, either as their DC characters or new ones. However, that could change, and DCU creative chief James Gunn has teased the arrival of the villain that is perfect for Amell.


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