David Corenswet Is Already Nailing 1 Superman Detail DC Fans Have Spent Years Arguing About

  • Superman's new iteration in the 2025 DC Universe is set to engage with the discussions about whether the character is too cheerful.
  • The DCU appears to be going closer to a classic Superman, based on discussions about the movie and Corenswet's cheerful rendition.
  • Superman's smile, a consistent sign of his hopeful nature, has been nailed by Corenswet, suggesting the DCU could once again showcase him as a sign of hope.
When it begins the new DC Universe in 2025, Superman promises to show an iteration of the character that embodies joyfulness and hope, with set photos already showing the actor can nail one underestimated part of the character. With David Corenswet leading the enormous 2025 Superman cast, the film promises to create a new, lived-in universe that is populated by several pre-existing superheroes. What is most important, however, is how director and writer James Gunn described the lead character’s outlook: "kindness in a world that thinks kindness is old-fashioned."
Different live-action iterations of Superman have existed throughout the years, with each having varying focuses. While the cheery My Adventures With Superman brings a light rendition to the table, a darker era of the hero starring Henry Cavill still remains recent. It can be difficult to tell stories of a hero who is as good and powerful as Superman, leading to some more cynical subversions of his story in films like Man of Steel and comic books like Superman: Red Son. However, the new DC Universe appears to be faithful to the earlier stories, especially in one consistently characteristic way.


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