Marvel Starts Fantastic Four Marketing At SDCC 2024 As Hope Of Big Announcements Grows

  • Marvel Cinematic Universe marketing highlights The Fantastic Four for San Diego Comic-Con 2024.
  • Banners spotted in San Diego suggest the reboot will be a big film at the event.
  • Marvel Studios is confirmed for a presentation at Hall H on July 27, but no official The Fantastic Four panel announced yet.
A new look at The Fantastic Four is highlighted through new Marvel Cinematic Universe marketing, specifically for San Diego Comic-Con 2024.
As San Diego Comic-Con 2024 is taking place at the end of this month, various studios have begun to market some of their biggest properties, and Marvel Studios is one of them. @RobDino1925 shared images from San Diego where banners of The Fantastic Four were spotted, suggesting that the reboot will be one of the big films coming to the event this summer.
At the time of this story's publication, Marvel Studios and Disney have not formally announced an official panel with The Fantastic Four at San Diego Comic-Con 2024. However, Marvel Studios is confirmed to have a presentation at Hall H on Saturday, July 27.
Source: @RobDino1925/X


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