DC"s New Superman Show Sets Up Cyborg"s DC Return With No Sign Of A DCU Reboot

  • My Adventures With Superman has subtly set up the return of DC hero Cyborg through a key exchange in season 3 episode 2.
  • Livewire mentions Victor's age in the show, hinting at his future transformation into Cyborg and potential storylines.
  • The show's embrace of the multiverse concept leaves room for Cyborg to appear earlier than expected, possibly alongside other Justice League members.
The animated series My Adventures With Superman has set up the return of an iconic DC hero in a way that may surprise some viewers. The acclaimed show is currently in its second season and offers a fresh spin on The Man of Steel's adventures with an animation style closer to anime than some previous DC shows. So far, the show has introduced a slew of DC favorites, including Superman, Supergirl, Lex Luthor, and Brainiac. But other characters in the DC stable have so far been left out, including members of the Justice League.
With all the information shared so far on the character arcs in My Adventures With Superman. there is already some indication of what characters will be featured on the show. The program, like many other superhero properties, is embracing the concept of a multiverse so there is a lot of possibility about which figures will join the story. But when season 3 episode 2 aired, a key exchange between characters in the episode's opening moments subtly brought back the DC hero Cyborg in a way that sets him up for more appearances further down the lines.


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