10 Comic Book Movies Too Big To Fail (That Did It Anyway)

  • Despite high expectations, some comic book movies like Jonah Hex and Aquaman 2 failed to live up to their potential.
  • Ghost Rider and Green Lantern, with big budgets and star-studded casts, still underperformed at the box office and with critics.
  • Even with major hype, Black Adam and Justice League proved to be some of the biggest failures in the history of comic book movies.
Despite many comic book movies in the MCU, the DCU, and beyond appearing too big to fail, some were still unable to live up to expectations. Though the movies of the MCU have helped elevate the superhero genre to unprecedented heights, comic book movies predate the franchise by many years. Over the long cinematic history of comic book adaptations, there have been a number of incredibly successful titles, as well as some that severely underperformed.
Given the pop culture relevance of most major superheroes and the considerable hype surrounding their big screen adaptations, some comic book movies seem destined for success. However, this isn’t always the case, with critical considerations, conceptual issues, or behind-the-scenes problems all occasionally contributing to a box office bomb. In spite of some movies seeming certain to achieve success, this doesn’t always come to pass, with some comic book adaptations bombing at the box office or with critics. Here are 10 comic book movies that seemed to big to fail that ultimately did anyway.


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