Cancelled Batgirl Movie Director Responds To Spider-Man 4 Rumors

  • Fallah and Arbi are rumored to be in contention for Spider-Man 4 directing gig.
  • One of the Batgirl movie directors carefully avoided confirming or denying their involvement in directing Spider-Man 4 when asked about the topic.
  • Fallah's response in the interview may suggest that there is some truth to the rumors circulating about their potential involvement, but nothing is clear at this time.
One of the Batgirl movie directors chimes in on the Marvel rumors regarding whether they are in talks to direct Spider-Man 4.
Nearly two years after the Batgirl movie cancellation, Bilall Fallah and Adil El Arbi have recently emerged as contenders to direct Spider-Man 4 in a new rumor. During a recent interview with Arabic MDC, Fallah was asked if there were any truths to the recent rumors, responding by politely saying, "I can't talk about that."
Source: Arabic MDC/X


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