7 Batman Villains Inspired by Real People

Everybody knows Batman, the dark-natured, iconic superhero who leads a multi-billion dollar media empire. And everybody knows his villains. The Dark Knight's rogues gallery is arguably the most recognizable, and also the most compelling, of any superhero in the genre.

Unlike other superheroes, Batman's enemies aren't defined by superhuman powers. They tend to be more human, reflecting the twisted side of our nature. Many of these characters are legitimately insane, exhibiting a range of psychotic and antisocial disorders, compulsions, and behaviors.
They also tend to have physical deformities that give them a more monstrous appearance. Batman villains are scarred, on both the outside and inside -- much like the Dark Knight himself.
Joker, Two-Face, Penguin, Catwoman -- these are some of the most iconic villains in fiction. But behind their flashy costumes, disfigurements, and fictional biographies, there can sometimes be a real person who inspired that character's creation.
In some cases, the influence is minor; nothing more than that person's name. But in other examples, the influence seeps into every aspect of that character, from their physical appearance to their mannerisms and personality. Whatever the case, these seven Batman villains are now as real to us as the people they're based on.


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