James Gunn Announces Peacemaker Season 2 Has Officially Started Filming With A Perfectly On Brand Image

  • James Gunn confirms that Peacemaker season 2 is currently filming while he juggles the Superman shoot in Georgia.
  • Gunn shares an image of a Peacemaker coffee cup that reads "eat peace".
  • The director tagged all the main members of the Peacemaker cast, including the recently cast Tim Meadows and Robert Patrick, whose character was killed off in Peacemaker season 1.
James Gunn's Peacemaker season 2 is currently being filmed, as confirmed by DC Studios CEO James Gunn on social media. James Gunn has shared multiple updates on Peacemaker season 2's pre-production since the second season was first announced in early 2023. As Gunn's Superman continues to shoot in Georgia, it seems like the director has found time to start filming Peacemaker season 2 simultaneously. Peacemaker season 2 will be one of the first releases in the DCU's first chapter, which begins with Creature Commandos and Superman.
On Instagram, James Gunn shares a picture of a custom-made Peacemaker coffee cup that reads "eat peace" with the anti-hero's face printed on it. The caption states "#Peacemaker Season Two shooting now." Previously, James Gunn had shared a picture of star John Cena wearing the Peacemaker helmet and ready to start shooting in April. Check out Gunn's post below:
James Gunn Confirms New & Returning Stars For Peacemaker Season 2 Peacemaker Season 2 Will Bring Back Several Characters And Introduce A Few More Close On his Instagram post, James Gunn tagged all the main members of the Peacemaker season 2 cast, including main star John Cena, Leota Adebayo actor Danielle Brooks, John Economos actor Steve Agee, and Emilia Harcourt actor Jennifer Holland. New members of the cast include Tim Meadows and Frank Grillo, the latter of which will make his DCU debut as Rick Flag Sr. in animated form in 2024's Creature Commandos. The only notable absence in Gunn's post is Vigilante actor Freddie Stroma, who doesn't have an Instagram account.
Rather surprisingly, James Gunn tagged Robert Patrick, who played Auggie Smith a.k.a. White Dragon in Peacemaker season 1. Auggie was a secondary antagonist throughout the first season until he confronted his son Chris, who found himself forced to kill him. After Auggie's death, Peacemaker began hallucinating his father, who taunted him during Peacemaker season 1's ending. Robert Patrick's Auggie Smith will likely continue to pressure Chris Smith from beyond the grave in Peacemaker season 2, strengthening the continuity between seasons 1 and 2.
James Gunn also tagged Nhut Le, who played Judo Master in Peacemaker season 1, despite the character's death. Judo Master will likely appear in flashbacks in Peacemaker season 2.
Two actors joining the Peacemaker cast are David Denman and Sol Rodriguez. While David Denman's role is still under wraps, Sol Rodriguez is playing the Catwoman-like character Sasha Bordeaux, who was originally introduced in DC Comics as Bruce Wayne's bodyguard. Batman was namedropped in Peacemaker season 1 back when its characters were considered part of the DCEU. Now officially part of the DCU, Peacemaker's links and references to Batman could point to future solid connections between Peacemaker and The Brave and the Bold.
Source: James Gunn / Instagram
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