Mahershala Ali"s Attorney Comments On The MCU Blade Movie"s Delays: "The Craziest Thing In My Professional Experience"

  • Mahershala Ali's attorney reveals frustrations with the ongoing creative shake-ups in the Blade reboot development.
  • The deal for the Blade movie was made in 2019, but filming has yet to begin, marking a career-defining challenge.
  • The attorney describes the situation with the Blade reboot as "the craziest thing" they have ever encountered in their professional career.
With Marvel Studios still developing the Blade reboot for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Mahershala Ali's attorney comments on the continuous creative shake-ups.
In a new feature piece on entertainment lawyers by The Hollywood Reporter, Ali's attorney, Shelby Weiser, briefly mentioned the Blade movie with her client. While keeping it brief, Weiser opened up about how the situation with the Blade reboot is "the craziest thing" she has experienced in her career, saying the following:
That deal was in 2019, and they still haven’t shot it, which is pretty much the craziest thing in my professional experience.
Source: THR


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