Wolverine’s MCU Mask Gets Its Best Look Yet In Lifesize Official Promo

  • Hugh Jackman's Wolverine mask has appeared on a Deadpool & Wolverine statue, creating yet more excitement for the actor's return to the iconic role.
  • Fans eagerly await Jackman donning the yellow Wolverine costume, with teasers hinting at the inclusion of the iconic mask in the film.
  • Marvel Studios could be saving Jackman first putting on the mask as a moment for the theaters, keeping it a special surprise for audiences.
Hugh Jackman's Wolverine mask gets a detailed look in new Deadpool & Wolverine merchandise as the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie gets closer to its release. With only a limited amount of Marvel movies releasing in 2024, Deadpool & Wolverine is on its way to becoming the bigger one as Marvel Studios gets further into The Multiverse Saga. One of the big aspects of Deadpool & Wolverine is Jackman reprising the role of the iconic X-Men hero for the first time since 2017's Logan.
As the story of Deadpool & Wolverine will feature Jackman finally donning the yellow Wolverine costume, many have been waiting to see whether or not the cowl will also be included as part of his return. @slashbow recently shared on X a new look at a Deadpool & Wolverine statue being used in Japan that may confirm the mask being seen in the film.
The photo features two life-size statues of both Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool and Jackman's Wolverine. Wolverine is shown wearing his famous mask, with the photo giving a detailed look at his prospective look in the upcoming MCU movie.
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Why Hasn't Marvel Studios Revealed Hugh Jackman's Wolverine Mask Yet In The Deadpool & Wolverine Trailers? Close Even though the MCU marketing includes Logan's comic book mask, none of the Deadpool & Wolverine trailers have, to this point, featured Hugh Jackman actually wearing it. From various toys to the massively-discussed popcorn bucket, the mask continues to get teased for the film. However, that may actually be a good thing, as Marvel Studios might be looking to make Jackman wearing the mask a special moment in theaters.
Jackman's Wolverine legacy is, without doubt, one of the most beloved in the entire superhero movie genre, which is why his return in Deadpool & Wolverine is such a big deal. The actor donning the costume one more was considered something of a dream in prior years, given the ending of Logan. As such, in terms of his Wolverine mask, it wouldn't be shocking if Marvel Studios wants the audience to get to experience him wearing it when they see it in theaters rather than have it be spoiled through photos or quick snippets in Deadpool & Wolverine trailers.
It would even make sense if some of the shots in the currently released Deadpool & Wolverine footage will actually have Jackman wearing the cowl, and Marvel Studios have for now used alternative takes on various scenes without it just to be used in the trailers. The bigger twist would be if Jackman's Wolverine doesn't get the mask at all, which seems unlikely given the MCU movie's teases regarding the iconic costume element. With only a month left to go, the world will soon enough get to experience Jackman's Wolverine in his fullest in Deadpool & Wolverine.
Deadpool & Wolverine R Action Sci-FiComedySuperhero A sequel to the highly successful Deadpool and Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. The third film will be the first film in the franchise to be developed under the Marvel Studios banner following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Ryan Reynolds is returning to play the character, alongside Hugh Jackman, reprising his Wolverine role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. 
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