Why Jensen Ackles Really Left Smallville Early: The Full Story Explained By The Showrunner

  • Jensen Ackles left Smallville after season 4 to take on a lead role in Supernatural, leading to the end of his character's storyline.
  • Smallville showrunner had plans for Ackles' character to have a longer arc, but his contract was short-term and never renewed.
  • Despite Ackles' departure, Smallville was able to create some exceptional episodes and continues to influence the DC Universe.
Jensen Ackles has built an excellent career since appearing in the fourth season of DC's Smallville in 2004, though the series' showrunner has revealed there were plans for him to stay in the story for longer. Ackles rose to fame starring in Supernatural from 2005 to 2020, though he has also notably appeared as Soldier Boy in The Boys, and voiced Batman in a range of animated releases. The actor’s range was used effectively in the plot of Smallville, where he played Jason Teague, a love interest to Lana Lang and an antagonist to Superman.
Given the actor was an effective part of Smallville's cast, it may appear strange that the live-action Superman show only had him as a featured player for a single season instead of appearing as a recurring antagonist. Speculation surrounding this topic has existed for some time, reignited in recent years by Jesen Ackles becoming one of the most popular DCU Batman fancasting choices. More concrete details have become available now though, as the co-creator and showrunner of Smallville has provided details that clarify why Jason Teague only had a short run on the series and did not appear in season 5.


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