Taylor Swift Fans Are Convinced She"s In The New Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer - But I"ve Got A Better Idea

  • Marvel fans speculated Taylor Swift would appear in Deadpool & Wolverine.
  • The new movie includes past actors and potential cast cameos from Fox Marvel stars.
  • Blake Lively would be a fitting Lady Deadpool choice due to her acting experience and meta connection.
Taylor Swift has been rumored to appear in Deadpool & Wolverine for some time, and following a new trailer, fans were sure that the singer/actress would join the Marvel Cinematic Universe — but that is not the case. Deadpool & Wolverine's cast has had several names revealed. Actors from both past Deadpool movies return in the film, as well as Fox Marvel stars like Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and Jennifer Garner as Elektra, and newcomers to the Deadpool franchise and the MCU, such as Cassandra Nova actor Emma Corrin.
Your browser does not support the video tag. While there are many confirmed stars for the film, several have yet to be revealed. That is because of Deadpool & Wolverine's multiversal story. The MCU movie will include many cameos from past Fox Marvel films and possibly more. One of the most talked about possibilities for the movie is that Taylor Swift would appear in the film. The actress has had her name linked to multiple roles, with the X-Men member Dazzler, herself, and Lady Deadpool being the most popular. A new trailer led to fans believing the latter would come true.
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Deadpool & Wolverine's Newest Trailer Reignited Taylor Swift MCU Debut Rumors Lady Deadpool Is Teased Close Marvel recently released a new Deadpool & Wolverine trailer to celebrate Best Friend Day. Among the new scenes that appear in the trailer is a quick shot of a character's legs in a Deadpool costume. While Reynolds is the only one to have played Deadpool in live-action so far and has even been confirmed to appear as at least one Wade Wilson variant in the movie, the legs in the Deadpool suit are clearly those of a woman. Lady Deadpool is one of the members of the Deadpool Corps in the comics.
I am excited to see who is playing Lady Deadpool in the MCU movie, but as much as I think it would be cool to see Taylor Swift as the variant, that is seemingly not happening. As Swift had been rumored for the film since a list of cameo rumors started, the quick shot of Lady Deadpool's legs sent her fans into a frenzy. However, according to Entertainment Weekly, Swift is not in Deadpool & Wolverine. While the superstar will not make her MCU debut in the project, I think this makes the best Lady Deadpool casting even more likely.
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Lady Deadpool's MCU Actor Mystery Has An Even More Promising Possible Answer The Actress I Want To See Play Lady Deadpool Could Actually Be The One Close With Swift reportedly not appearing in Deadpool & Wolverine despite rumors and fan desire for her inclusion, I believe that the other popular choice for Lady Deadpool could have been the right one all along. Sure, Swift would have made for a fun reveal. However, having Gossip Girl actress Blake Lively play Lady Deadpool in Deadpool & Wolverine would be an even better choice. The casting would make sense in a few different ways. Acting-wise, Lively has way more experience than Swift, and the actress' time on Gossip Girl would translate perfectly to a Deadpool variant.
In Gossip Girl, Lively became famous for playing Serena van der Woodsen. The character could go from extremely charismatic to a full-on narcissist at the flick of a switch. It allowed to show Lively's range, with the actress being able to play a version of the Merc With a Mouth well. While Serena did not have the same kind of talkative personality and witty dialogue that Reynolds' Deadpool is known for, the character was extremely impulsive, and Lively has shown that she can deliver in both comedic and dramatic roles, making her a well-rounded player for a Deadpool variant.
Why Blake Lively Would Be A Perfect MCU Lady Deadpool Casting You Can't Go More Meta Than This Close While Lively certainly has the credentials and the looks to play Lady Deadpool, her casting as the character in Deadpool & Wolverine would be perfect due to the meta nature of it. Blake Lively is married to Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. Having Reynolds' own wife play a variant of his Deadpool in the MCU movie would be a gold mine of jokes that Deadpool & Wolverine could make the most of. Those jokes could even include a movie the Deadpool franchise has had a lot to talk about.
One of the funniest aspects of the Deadpool movies to me is that Reynolds is not afraid to make fun of his previous failed superhero exploits, namely 2011's Green Lantern. While the DC film was not as successful as expected, after playing romantic interests in the film, Reynolds and Lively got together. Having Deadpool & Wolverine reunite the duo as different Deadpool variants could lead to several jokes about their time in Green Lantern, continuing one of the best elements of the franchise and giving the married couple a chance to get superhero movie redemption together in Deadpool & Wolverine.
Deadpool & Wolverine R A sequel to the highly successful Deadpool and Deadpool 2 starring Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with a Mouth. The third film will be the first film in the franchise to be developed under the Marvel Studios banner following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox. Ryan Reynolds is returning to play the character, alongside Hugh Jackman, reprising his Wolverine role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time. 
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