David Corenswet"s Superman Suit Looks Amazing In Classic DC Comics Inspired Art

  • Artist Sebastian Escobar recreates a classic Superman comic cover to show what Superman's DCU suit could look like in flight.
  • The first official glimpse at the Superman suit may have been divisive due to the actor's pose in the picture.
  • James Gunn's track record with superhero suits assures audiences that Corenswet's Superman suit will look great in motion.
DCU fan art shows what David Corenswet's Superman suit could look like in motion, recreating an iconic DC Comics cover. The DCU's first official glimpse at David Corenswet's Superman suit revealed the multiple inspirations behind the costume. From the Kingdom Come crest to the New 52 collar and the classic red trunks, James Gunn pays homage to Superman's 86-year history with the Man of Steel's DCU suit.
Before James Gunn shares another official picture of the suit from a different angle, artist Sebastian Escobar a.k.a. garnabiel shows what David Corenswet's Superman costume could look like when Kal El takes off the ground. The artwork recreates the classic 1939 cover of Superman #1, which shows the Man of Steel smiling as he glides through the Metropolis sky. Check out the piece below:
David Corenswet's Superman Suit Will Likely Look Much Better In Motion James Gunn's Superhero Suit Will Likely Look Great In Action Sequences Close When James Gunn shared Superman's first official image, David Corenswet's Superman suit was met with divided reactions. Some of the criticisms the costume received included its thick, wrinkled material and its mute tone. It's important to note that the full Superman suit is difficult to appreciate fully in the DCU's first official Superman image because the actor is leaning forward while sitting. The DCU Superman suit will likely look much more natural and vivid in the actual film, especially during action sequences.


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