MCU: The Strongest And Weakest Members Of The Avengers

  • Hawkeye might not have superpowers, but his experience in battle and strategic guidance make him a valuable Avenger.
  • Nick Fury may not have God-like abilities, but his leadership skills and resources make him a powerful force in the MCU.
  • Kate Bishop, while not officially an Avenger yet, shows promise with her talent and potential to lead as one of the Young Avengers.
The Avengers are commonly referred to as "Earth's mightiest heroes" in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and that has become increasingly true as heroes are added to the constantly expanding roster with every movie. The team has a healthy balance of characters with God-like abilities and those who are mere mortals. While the characters that are on the weaker side can sometimes be overlooked, they have shown that they are just as capable as the others, even if they may not be as powerful. But who is the strongest Avenger, and who is the weakest?
This question has grown increasingly hard to answer as the MCU timeline has expanded and the actual definition of an Avenger has become less clear. Many of the Avenger's original and early members have died or passed on their mantle, and a new Young Avengers team is in the early stages of development. Sam Wilson is set to put together a new team of Avengers in Captain America: Brave New World, which may make it more clear who's on the team and who's not. Until then, these are the heroes who are or are likely to be associated with the Avengers, ranked by power.
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23 Hawkeye/Kate Bishop Clint's Young Protege Close While Kate Bishop is not technically an Avenger yet, she received Clint Barton's blessing, and he hinted at even giving her his name at the end of Hawkeye on Disney+. However, for her power, she ranks below everyone. Kate is talented; there is no doubt about that. She can hold her own against thugs like the Tracksuit Mafia, and she somehow survived a fight with Wilson Fisk. However, she is young, has a lot of training to do in actual fighting, and is still a raw talent with room for growth. Kate was also confirmed to be one of the first two Young Avengers in The Marvels, so she may prove to have leadership abilities in addition to skill with a bow.
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22 Nick Fury Knowledge And Resources Are Power Close Nick Fury is the man who started it all. Many people might not consider him a member of the Avengers, but he is the man who brought the entire team together. He is the ultimate founder of Earth's Mightiest Heroes, and he is also a powerful character in his own right.
He survived an all-out attack from Winter Soldier and helped battle Loki in the first Avengers movie. His true power comes in his leadership skills and what he provides to his team. S.H.I.E.L.D. may be no more, but Fury has gone on to take up a leadership position in S.W.O.R.D., a spiritual follow-up organization focused on extraterrestrial threats.
21 Hawkeye/Clint Barton A Close To Superpowers As One Can Get Close Although he is an extremely skilled marksman, Clint Barton is often considered to be the weakest member of the team seeing as he's just a regular guy with a bow and arrow. That certainly means that Hawkeye one of the weakest official Avengers.
The fact that he's on a much different level than the rest of the team is actually one of the best parts of the character and grounds him, especially since it's clear he has a lot more to lose than them. He also has a lot of experience in battle, which he has used to guide stronger characters like Wanda Maxmioff in the past.
20 Moon Knight/Marc Spector An Unclear Upper Limit Close Like the aforementioned Kate Bishop, Marc Spector isn't officially a member of the Avengers right now. However, his appearance in the MCU could change that at some point, even if there aren't ever any future Avengers films.
Though his dissociative identity disorder can make him unpredictable, Moon Knight is undeniably powerful. He's an impressive detective and is a skilled fighter, evidenced by how he can take out hordes of enemies all alone. He doesn't quite have the abilities of some top-level Avengers, but he'd beat several of them in hand-to-hand combat.
19 Ant-Man/Scott Lang Still Getting More Powerful Close Ant-Man has mostly appeared in comedic scenes. However, when the chips were down, and the Avengers needed help beating Thanos, he stepped up and became part of the team, assisting them in learning more about the Quantum Realm and at least helping them save the day. He's also the only true Avenger so far to go toe-to-toe with Kang.
Ant-Man's strength, of course, comes from his ability to massively shrink or grow but maintain some of his momentum and strength. While this makes him slightly tougher than usual, he's still vulnerable to traditional harm. However, Scott still has room to grow. If he can better harness the ant communication side of his abilities, he could easily shoot up the rankings.
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18 Black Widow/Natasha Romanoff The Skilled Assassin And Spy Close Even though she is a master assassin, Black Widow, also known as Natasha Romanoff, is still toward the middle bottom of the list in terms of strength. Like Hawkeye, she has shown herself to be capable of competing against some of the Avengers' more challenging opponents like the Chitauri, the Ultron drones, and the Black Order.
She often has to rely on additional gadgets, such as her Black Widow's bite and batons, in addition to various firearms. Those things and her long history as an assassin give her a slight edge over her other mostly normal humans. However, what puts her a step up from some other unpowered humans is her incredible skills in interrogation and manipulation.
17 Falcon/Captain America/Sam Wilson Captain America Without The Super Soldier Serum Close Sam Wilson is an ex-soldier who uses an advanced winged jetpack to fly and utilize in combat. He was recently made the new Captain America, and people have raised concerns about the fact that Sam is just a regular guy in a jetpack, so if he loses it, he's basically out of a fight against any superpowered being. His wings do, however, work as both offensive and defensive weapons, which make him a worthy opponent for most villains.
The upgraded version of his suit that he uses in Captain America: Civil War also has a lot of bells and whistles that help him while on mission including his drone, Redwing. During The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, he also showed an ability to more than hold his own in a fight against people who took the super-soldier serum.
16 Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier Super Solder Serum And Expert Hand-To-Hand Skills Close Bucky Barnes is one of the many characters in the MCU to have taken a version of the super-soldier serum in his blood, although his was created by Hydra scientist Arnim Zola. The fact that his new arm, which he was gifted by T'Challa, is completely made out of Vibranium, also gives him a newfound advantage.
However, as it was shown by Spider-Man in Civil War, that won't do much against some of the more powerful individuals. Bucky is very likely to win the majority of the fights he gets involved in but that simply wouldn't be the case if he took on some of the stronger members of the Avengers, putting him towards the bottom.
15 Captain America/Steve Rogers The Only Perfect Super Soldier To Date Close Due to the super-soldier serum in his veins, it can be easy for fans to remember that while Steve Rogers is much stronger than the average human, he is still weaker when compared to the other members of his team.
While he can do things like keeping a helicopter from taking off with his bare hands and jumping from a plane without a parachute, he usually isn't a match for characters like Thanos or Loki. Of course, he does also command a deep level of respect from everyone and Cap has a never-say-die attitude in battle that makes him tough to defeat.
14 War Machine/James Rhodes A Less Advanced Iron Man Close There is no reason that War Machine can't eclipse Iron Man in pure power as the MCU moves on. With Tony Stark dead, it is Jim Rhodes who appears to move into the role as the MCU's armored hero, and that will play out in Armor Wars when it eventually releases. War Machine also has things at his disposal that Iron Man never had.
War Machine has the U.S. Government at his back. The weapons he can add to his armor could make him one of the MCU's deadliest heroes. However, he also broke his back in Captain America: Civil War, and there is no telling how powerful he really is with his past injuries.
Secret Invasion revealed that Rhodey had been replaced by a Skrull at some point after Civil War, but it declined to specify exactly when.
13 Black Panther/Shuri The Newest Black Panther Close After the in-universe passing of her brother, T'Challa, Shuri has to step into the spotlight to help fill the gap along with other Wakandans. Given Shuri had spent most of her life as a scientist and not a fighter, she had some hesitation in deciding whether she should inject the Heart-Shaped Herb and take up the mantle of the Black Panther or not. When Namor and the Talokanil threatened Wakanda, Shuri accepted her duty.
In theory, T'Challa and Shuri have almost identical powers granted by the Wakandan Herb and the blessing of the Panther god, Bast. However, Shuri simply hasn't yet had as much time to hone her fighting technique. She also isn't technically an Avenger yet, but given how closely she worked with the team in Infinity War, she seems like a likely inclusion in future team iterations.
12 Black Panther/T'Challa Skill And A Mystical Blessing Close T'Challa's version of Black Panther passed away in the MCU after the real-life passing of actor Chadwick Boseman, but his in-universe and real-world legacy live on. T'Challa was the latest in a long line of Black Panthers dating back to the early years of Wakanda, and he seems to be one of the most formidable. Most impressively, he benefits from the "heart-shaped herb," which grants those who inject it incredible strength, speed, and stamina.
He also had the power of an entire government behind him, which meant he was limited by what he could do to protect his country. As for pure powers, he has the power of the Panther, and his Vibranium suit and gadgets make him a formidable opponent to anyone, regardless of power level.
11 Ms. Marvel/Kamala Khan Still Getting Stronger Close Kamala Khan may be young, but she's already proven herself capable of standing alongside powerful heroes. Ms. Marvel's power is a bit difficult to judge given Kamala's abilities have been changed so drastically compared to the comics. Instead of the ability to stretch her body, Kamala creates Green Lantern-like objects out of hard light.
So far this has been used to create extensions of her own limbs, shield, stepping stones, and more, but it's unclear where her upper limit lies. Given Kamala is still young, it's very possible she'll hone her mutation as time progresses and become even more formidable. She'll need the help, to, as the new founder of the currently forming Young Avengers.
10 Iron Man/Tony Stark The Most Advanced Tech In The MCU Close Tony Stark is the final member of the Avengers who is not an enhanced human in some shape or form. Despite that, there's a clear reason why Iron Man is one of the leaders of the team. For starters, he's the first superhero to debut in the franchise, and for another, Tony has a genius-level intellect that is almost unmatched among his fellow Avengers.
That brain is what really helps put Tony above the rest of his fellow humans as it helped him create his incredible suit of armor. Over the course of the MCU, Tony's suits have become so advanced that he's basically got an answer for any situation. Whether it be a fight against Hulk, fixing a broken ferry, or chasing down a spaceship, Tony can do it all.
9 Shang-Chi An Incredible Weapon Close A newer addition to the MCU is Shang-Chi, debuting early in 2021 in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Technically, he's not an official member of the team just yet, but his post-credits scene interaction with Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers shows that he'll play a significant part going forward.
In terms of pure hand-to-hand combat skills, it's tough to top Shang-Chi. He trained his entire life in that department and even defeated his father in that kind of fight. Shang-Chi also combines that with what he learned from his mother's side of the family and the Ten Rings themselves, making him even more impressive.
8 Spider-Man/Peter Parker Stronger Than He Seems Close He might be the young, but there's no denying just how powerful Peter Parker is. His abilities as Spider-Man have made him strong enough to stop Bucky Barnes' metal arm with ease, catch a moving vehicle, lift up a building that collapsed on him, and even go toe to toe with Thanos.
The main thing holding Spider-Man back from ranking higher is simply that other members of the Avengers are among the strongest beings to ever exist. It's next to impossible to top them. Plus, Parker's youth is another thing that he struggles with, causing him to do rash things, which would hurt him against stronger opponents.
7 Vision The Synthezoid Avenger Close Vision was created by Ultron and then brought to life through the combined efforts of Tony Stark, Bruce Banner, and Thor. His body is made of a combination of organic tissue and Vibranium, which makes him extremely durable. His main power is derived from the Mind Stone in his forehead, which allows him to emit a laser beam and control his other wide array of powers, including density manipulation.
He also has the honor of being one of the few characters that were considered worthy by Mjolnir, along with Thor and Captain America. However, after Vision was killed by Thanos and subsequently brought back as White Vision, it's unclear exactly how powerful he his. He no longer has the Soul Stone, and more will likely be revealed in the recently re-confirmed Vision Disney+ streaming series.
6 Wong The Current Sorcerer Supreme Close When Strange was snapped away by Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, Wong took over as the Sorcerer Supreme. Even after Strange's return, it's a title he still holds. Wong doesn't have an Infinity Stone like Strange had, but he's clearly incredibly capable.
Wong doesn't have quite as impressive of magical feats as Strange in the MCU, but he's held his own right alongside him. Wong has been seen defending Kamar-Taj from Scarlet Witch, and he contributes meaningfully to the battle against Kaecilius. He's also been seen meeting with Banner, Danvers, and SHang-Chi, implying he's working with the Avengers (whether he technically is one or not).
5 Doctor Strange/Stephen Strange The Master Of The Mystic Arts Close Dr. Stephen Strange was trained by the Ancient One in Kamar-Taj and became the guardian of the New York Sanctum Sanctorum after the death of Daniel Drumm. With minimal training, Strange was able to take on Kaecilius and his group of zealots as well as create a time loop strong enough to trap Dormammu for an infinite amount of time.
By the time of Avengers: Endgame, he was skilled enough to take on Thanos, who was in possession of several Infinity Stones. His expansive knowledge of the mystic arts grants him a wide range of abilities, including the power to see into the future, making him one of the MCU's best defenders. The end of Multiverse of Madness saw the reveal of his third eye, but it's unclear how this will affect his power set and if it can balance the loss of his Infinity Stone.
4 Hulk/Bruce Banner Hulk Smash! Close There was a time when Hulk was considered the strongest of all of the Avengers. In the comic books, Hulk seems to be the most powerful of them all. That being said, he has had his ups and downs in the MCU over the years. First, Bruce Banner and Hulk had trouble communicating, which caused him to lose fights he shouldn't have.
Although the two have mended fences and now work cohesively, Hulk is always at his strongest when he's angry. That aspect of his persona has lacked a bit in recent MCU films, though, as he's not quite as mad as he has been in the past. That means he falls behind some of his partners.


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