Infinity War: Patton Oswalt Talks Predicting The MCU Story 5 Years Early

  • Patton Oswalt predicted certain parts of Avengers: Infinity War's plot in an improvised Parks and Recreation season 5 speech back in 2013.
  • Oswalt's character Garth Blundin explained his Marvel / Star Wars crossover fan fiction, which included Thanos' Infinity Stone quest and Tony Stark assembling an Avengers team that included Spider-Man.
  • Garth Blundin also explained how Star Wars' Boba Fett could return, which inspired director Jon Favreau to film and edit the anti-hero's return exactly how Oswalt's character described it.
Parks and Recreation actor Patton Oswalt reminisces about his character's accurate prediction of Avengers: Infinity War's plot several years before the MCU movie was even written. Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame culminated the MCU's Infinity Saga by bringing together all the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy — an event that wasn't planned since Phase 1, but which took shape as each individual movie and crossover event got one step closer to Thanos' arrival.
In an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, Patton Oswalt recalled how his Parks and Recreation season 5 character, Garth Blundin, unveils his Marvel/Star Wars crossover fan fiction in order to prevent Leslie Knope from changing Pawnee's laws. While the scene was completely improvised by Oswalt in April 2013, Oswalt's Garth Blundin correctly guessed that the MCU would see Thanos gather the Infinity Stones and fight the Avengers. Patton Oswalt explains:
"Some things weirdly came true; some on purpose, some by accident." (...) "They had not done Guardians of the Galaxy. When I say Time Gem, they cut to Chris Pratt. This was way before he did Guardians.” “Also, Amy has the funniest line in the whole thing when she says 'the female part’s a little underwritten', which was so exactly what those movies were."
Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live


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