MCU"s Fantastic Four: Fancast Reed Richards Actor Confirms Auditioning After Losing To Pedro Pascal

  • Rahul Kohli auditioned for Reed Richards in The Fantastic Four but didn't get the role.
  • Kohli also talks about fluctuating feelings of being wanted in the industry.
  • The iZombie star shares a perspective on rejection and acceptance in Hollywood.
Rahul Kohli confirms that he did try out for Reed Richards in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for The Fantastic Four movie.
In a new interview with Salaam Nerds, Kohli opened up on how he indeed auditioned for one of the main characters in The Fantastic Four cast, as many had imagined him as the perfect Mister Fantastic. However, as Pedro Pascal ended up landing the gig for Reed, Kohli shared the following:
Yeah, I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about it but I didn't get it, is the important thing. But on good days, I see the Constantine. It will flare up once and again. And, I love all of them. On good days, you're like, 'Man, I'm wanted!' People really want to see. You're the guy that people will shout out for anything. On bad days, 'It's a reminder that you're not the guy. You're not there. These are the roles you'll never get.' So, it's sweet and it's perspective. It's how you feel about yourself.
Source: Salaam Nerds


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