How To Watch All Batman Animated Series In Order

  • Batman has had a successful run in animated TV, appealing to multiple generations with diverse storytelling and character interpretations.
  • Batman: The Animated Series remains a fan favorite with iconic portrayals of characters like Joker and Harley Quinn redefining their backstories.
  • From campy to dark, Batman's animated series offer a range of tones, with upcoming shows like Batman: Caped Crusader promising a fresh take.
Batman may be one of DC's most successful and prolific superheroes on the big screen, but the Caped Crusader has an equally - if not more - successful history in animated television series. While the character has been the star of acclaimed films such as The Dark Knight trilogy, many children grew up watching Bruce Wayne take on a wide range of foes one 30-minute segment at a time. Moreover, with Batman animated series running largely without pause since the 1960s, enjoying The Caped Crusader on TV is a multigenerational delight.
More impressive yet is the diversity that Batman's best animated DC TV series represents. From campy and humorous to dark and brooding, there is a Batman TV show for every taste. With several shows currently airing and even more upcoming DC animated movies and shows set to premiere soon, it doesn't appear that The Dark Knight will be leaving television sets anytime soon.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Batman Animated Series In Order Name Of Batman Animated Series
The Adventures Of Batman
Super Friends
The New Adventures Of Batman
Batman: The Animated Series
The New Batman Adventures
Batman Beyond
Justice League
The Batman
Batman: The Brave And The Bold
Young Justice
Beware The Batman
Batman Unlimited
Justice League Action
Harley Quinn
Batman: Caped Crusader
16 The Adventures Of Batman (1968-1969) 17 Episodes The Caped Crusader's first solo animated series, The Adventures of Batman, actually re-cut and re-presented the Batman content from The Batman/Superman Hour. Each episode presented two short Batman stories, each clocking in at just 6.5 minutes. This short animated series, which aired 17 episodes over its run, featured the voices of Olan Soule as Batman and Casey Kasem as Robin. As one could expect from the era, The Adventures of Batman as a campy and light-hearted take on the Dynamic Duo and features all The Dark Knight's classic rogues.


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