Marvel Just Secretly Revealed A God With Connections To The MCU’s Scarlet Witch According To Phase 5 Theory

  • Aubrey Plaza has been confirmed to be playing Rio Vidal in Agatha All Along, but a new theory suggests she may be someone else in disguise.
  • Rio Vidal bears resemblance to Marvel Comics' Gaea in Agatha All Along's trailer, so Aubrey Plaza may debut as this powerful God in the MCU.
  • Gaea's possible MCU debut means Chthon, her brother, may also appear, establishing his history and relationship with the Scarlet Witch.
According to a new MCU theory, Marvel Studios' upcoming Agatha All Along series may be hiding a powerful god from Marvel Comics with dangerous connections to the Scarlet Witch. The first trailer for Agatha All Along released on July 9, 2024, providing a glimpse at what the upcoming Halloween-themed series has to offer. Kathryn Hahn's return as original Salem witch Agatha Harkness is very exciting, particularly after her captivating debut in 2021's WandaVision, but she isn't the only powerful figure set to appear in Agatha All Along.
Along with Kathryn Hahn's Agatha All Along's cast also includes several new faces, as well as some familiar fixtures from WandaVision. Among them, Aubrey Plaza is set to make her MCU debut as Rio Vidal, marking her second live-action Marvel role after she previously portrayed Lenny Busker, a.k.a. the Shadow King, in Legion. Plaza's Rio Vidal seems to help Agatha break free from the Scarlet Witch's spell, suggesting she may be an ally to Agatha's new coven, but a new theory posits that Plaza could be playing a Marvel character few will be anticipating.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Aubrey Plaza’s Rio Vidal Resembles Marvel Comics' Gaea In Agatha All Along Not much is known about Rio Vidal in Agatha All Along, while the other core members of Agatha All Along's cast have been seen alongside Agatha Harkness in her new rag-tag coven. Since Rio Vidal has not, there may be something special about her that Marvel Studios is hoping to keep secret prior to the series' premiere in September. This could be related to her striking resemblance to Marvel Comics' Gaea in Agatha All Along's trailer, as it's possible Plaza could actually be portraying this powerful Marvel God.
Gaea made her Marvel Comics debut as Mother Nature in 1974's Doctor Strange (Vol. 2) #6, and was named Gaea in 1975's Giant-Size Avengers #4.
Rio Vidal's green costume and hood in the trailer seems to exactly mirror the regular costume of Gaea in Marvel Comics. Gaea was one of the Elder Gods who were among the first beings on planet Earth, though she was the only member of this group who didn't transform into a demon. Gaea, often referred to as Mother Nature, is one of Marvel's most powerful characters, so it would be fantastic to see her brought into live-action in Agatha All Along. This wouldn't be without meaning, either, as Gaea's brother has a strong connection to the Scarlet Witch.
Gaea’s MCU Debut Could Finally Introduce A Key Figure In The Scarlet Witch’s Story Close One of the other Elder Gods in Marvel Comics, and Gaea's brother, is Chthon, a powerful demon and the first master of black magic. Chthon has been speculated to be coming to the MCU for many years, and while he hasn't officially made his live-action debut, he did get a mention in 2022's Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In the MCU, the demon Chthon prophesized the rise of the Scarlet Witch, and carved his knowledge into the walls of Mount Wundagore, which was transcribed into the Darkhold.
Chthon also wrote the Darkhold in Marvel Comics, and Gaea stood watch as he carried out this task. In the comics, Chthon actually gifted Wanda Maximoff her chaos magic, transforming her into the Scarlet Witch, but ultimately leading to his downfall as she overpowered him. It's unclear whether this connection will be established in the MCU, but Agatha All Along can begin to explore this, particularly since Wanda Maximoff will be a huge plot device in the series. Aubrey Plaza's possible debut as Gaea only makes this more likely.
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Gaea's Twist Reveal Would Continue An MCU God Trend Agatha All Along may seem an unlikely place for Marvel Studios to introduce these powerful god-like characters, but recent trends in the MCU make this very likely. Marvel Studios has been focusing a lot more on the Gods of the MCU in recent years, with Moon Knight exploring the Egyptian pantheon, Thor: Love and Thunder introducing Zeus and the Gods of Omnipotence City, and Eternals giving more attention to the Celestials. This pattern could continue in Agatha All Along, and given Gaea's links to Wanda Maximoff's Scarlet Witch, this could come to fruition.
Gaea's debut in Agatha All Along would have an enormous impact on the MCU, especially if her Marvel Comics history is kept comic-accurate. Gaea watched the Celestials' First Host arrive on Earth and experiment on early humans, creating Eternals, Deviants, and mutants, so she could be key to the MCU's upcoming mutant storylines. In the comics, Gaea is also shockingly revealed to be Thor's birth mother. A reveal such as this would have huge repercussions in Thor 5 and beyond, so could make Aubrey Plaza one of the most exciting actors joining the MCU's Phase 5.​​​​​​​
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