Kevin Feige Comments On The Importance Of X-Men & Mutants In The MCU"s Future

  • Mutants will play a crucial role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, according to Kevin Feige.
  • Feige confirmed the presence of mutants in earlier MCU films, setting the stage for their introduction.
  • The concept of the mutant gene will be explored further in future MCU projects.
The X-Men and mutants will be very important for the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Kevin Feige teases their role in the franchise.
In a new interview with Variety, Feige was asked about how central mutants will be for the MCU as they get ready to introduce the concept more fully. Without getting too specific, Feige made it clear that they have been laying the foundation for mutants for quite some time, sharing the following:
I wouldn’t say when but we’ve already hinted over the past few years at certain people possessing what will one day be known as the mutant gene. We’ll be very excited when we tap into it.
Source: Variety


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